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For customers in the Western USA, Pet All Manufacturing Inc. is the most respected and trusted source for extrusion blow molding machines. We understand how critical the blow molding process is for producing top-of-the-line products. For that reason, our machines get conceived, designed, and engineered by the best and most experienced engineers in North America. Every extrusion blow molding machine that we sell at Pet All has support by full engineering facilities in the United States. Instead of providing subpar solutions, we deliver superior quality to ensure that the industries that rely on the extrusion blow molding process get the best return on their investment. We want all our customers, including those in the Western USA, to have a reliable, safe, and high-production extrusion blow molding machine. Therefore, we never compromise on quality. Customers expect and get the highest caliber of “Pet All” branded machines, and we feel 100 percent confident that we will meet, if not exceed, your expectations, too. Due to the precision of extrusion blow molding machines, it is imperative that you turn to a company that has a long history of excellence, which is what we provide at Pet All Manufacturing Inc.

Our Extrusion Blow Molding Product Range

Extrusion Blow Mold USA

Extrusion Blow Mold

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Large Water Container USA

Large Water Container

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High Volume Gallon USA

High Volume Gallon

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Industrial Heavy Walled Containers USA

Industrial Heavy Walled Containers

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Cosmetic/Personal Care Container USA

Cosmetic/Personal Care Container

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Locations We Serve in US

Rather than purchase a machine from just any company, the success of your business demands the best. Whether manufacturing bottles used for water, shampoo, cooking oil, or cleaning products or larger plastic containers, casks, and drums, we have the perfect solution. When it comes to this process, you cannot afford to skimp on an extrusion blow molding machine. At Pet All Manufacturing Inc., we provide our customers with stellar service, professionally designed and developed extrusion blow molding machines, competitive pricing, and outstanding support. For businesses in the Western USA, including Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, we would love the opportunity to serve you as a valued customer. Contact us today, and one of our professional staff members will provide you with expert guidance in selecting the right machine based on your specific requirements.