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Pet All and its affiliates spend considerable time and cost developing special products for our customers.

This is especially true with IBM Molds and IBM Plastics.

Special tools for customers like L'Oreal and Proctor & Gamble are developed, sampled, product tested and manufactured, then run off on our stock production IBM machines (2 x 135 Ton, 1 x 88 Ton). This work is done mostly in the USA.

Special plastics are also tested and tried, such as Triton for baby bottles.

The following are 2 examples of containers developed under this program.

L'Oreal Container
L'Oreal Container
Proctor & Gamble Container
Proctor & Gamble Container, first developed by ADOP France

In PET, Pet All has also done considerable research and development and product development for the medical industry with our specially manufactured laboratory test RHSB PET Machines. These products are used in 2 stage PET (RHSB) where the preform and final bottle are researched.

PET Medical Product
Example of PET Medical Product

Customers are encouraged to approach Pet All to help in the development and the R & D of similar programs.

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