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Reheat stretch blow molding

  • Made in Taiwan
  • High quality machines and molds

Preform injection molding

  • Excellent outputs and quality at lower cost
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Reheat Stretch Blow Machines

  • There are three types of machines:
  • Linear shuttle machines: 1 up to 6 cavities
    • small and medium output at low cost
  • Linear rnachines with continuous preform motion: 1 to 12 cavities
    • Even heat distribution and easy operation
  • Rotary machines: 10 and 14 cavities
    • High output at a lower cost
Output product

Machine Features Linear Shuttle Machines

  • Gaylord tipper
  • Preform hopper
  • lncline conveyor
  • Unscrambler
  • Machine in - feed
  • Oven section
  • Blow clamp
  • Out - feed
 Linear Shuttle Machines features
PET-ALL Manufacturing

Machine Features continued
  • Preforms spin on mandrels
  • Preforms are heated with infrared lamps
  • Preforms are placed in blow molds as groups (2,3,4, or 6)
  • Preforms are stretched and blown
  • Machine out - feed
Linear Shuttle Machines features 1

reheat stretch blow molding machinery

1 Cavity Fully Automatic Shuttle Model TS1000

  • Excellent Price
  • Excellent Performance

Range of Linear Shuttle Machines

  • 1 to 6 cavities
  • Most widely used machine type for small to medium sized applications
  • Outputs from 1,000 to 8,400 b/h with all - electric model
  • Neck sizes from 30 to 200 mm
  • Volumes from 50 ml to 5 gallons
  • Heat set, thread orientation, and preferential heating available on some models
Linear Shuttle Machines

Benefits and lssues of Linear Shuttle Machines

  • Shuttle means that the movement through the ovens is 'go - and stop'
  • + Low capital investment
  • + Easy setup
  • Preform heat Iess than continuous motion machines; to compensate Chumpower machines allow the adjustment of blow parameters for individual cavities
  • Spacing in ovens is the same as in blow mold - this is not as efficient as more air is heated up and escapes

Chumpower Acronyms

  • CPSB: Chumpower Stretch Blow
  • T: Standard
  • Number: Number of cavities times 1,000 (except in rotary and LS machines)
  • L: Large container
  • W: Wide Mouth
  • H: Heat - Set
  • H: Rotary
  • SS: Small Size (0.6 I maximum)

Wide Mouth Containers

  • One or two cavity machines available for diameters (mouth) up to 200 mm, standard
Wide mouth Jar Series / Automatic PET stretch blow molding machine
Wide Mouth Containers
Automatic PET stretch blow molding machine

  • CPSB-1000L / 2000L
  • CPSB-1000W / 1000WM / 2000W
  • CPSB-2000LHI

CPSB can make :

Oval, Off center, Petaloid, Square, Flat, Round bottles, Jars and Wide mouth containers .....etc.

Market segment of CPSB :

Mineral water, Edible oil, Alcoholic drinks, CSD, Pickle food, Soda drinks, Cosmetics, Clean lotion, Detergent, Tennis bottles, PET bottles for cooking oil with handle


PET STRETCH BLOW MOLDING MACHINE For Large volume, Oval & Flat Bottles, and Wide mouth Jar.

  1. Compact structure for saving space; Modular design for easy maintenance.
  2. Suitable for various markets to produce different bottles.
  3. Special heating array structure to minimize oven space and energy consumption.
  4. Optional:
    1. PET bottle with Handle pre-insert robot.
    2. Side-heating system for oval & flat bottles.
    3. Smart locating device for specific direction of preform.


    Output :
  • 800-1600 bph
    Cavities :
  • 1 – 2


New Brochure New Brochure - Increase in Cavitation

LS 6000

  • This linear rnachine is different in several ways:
  • In - feed is like a rotary machine with star wheels:
  • proven concept with high reliability
  • Movement of preforms through the ovens is
  • continuous: even heat for all preforms
  • Spacing in ovens is fixed depending on model;
  • preforms are then spread to blow mold pitch: batter use
  • of ovens, energy savings
  • Servo motor clamp: fast and reliable
LS 6000

Design layout

  • Compact design
  • Space savings
  • Easy access
  • Easy maintenance
Design layout


  • Compact design
  • Space savings
  • Easy access
  • Easy maintenance

Heating section

  • Modular ovens with easy access
  • 50 mm preform spacing for best energy usage
  • Preform are always right side up eliminating turn over problems, chain wear etc.
  • 2 x 3 ovens layout with turnaround section for equalization of preform temperature
Heating section

Oven Details

  • Chumpower lamp spacing is 17 mm {155mm on request)
  • Lamps can be moved
  • 6 to 16 lamps per oven
  • Each lamp can be turned on or off
  • Heat shield is watercooled
Oven Details

Pitch Changing Unit

  • Preform transport and pitch unit are both controlled by servo motors
  • Pitch unit grabs preforms, then moves them towards blow clamp and enlarges the pitch to blowing dimension
Pitch Changing Unit

Clamp Unit

  • Toggle clamp triggered by cam
  • Cam controlled by servo motor
  • Cam rotates continuously in one direction greatly reducing vibration
  • Patented design
  • Stretch rod is servo motor controlled
  • Each cavity has its own set of blow valves allowing individual control and reducing air consumption
  • Blow nozzle seals on transfer ring - no neck deformation
  • Bottom insert movement is mechanically coupled to clamp
  • Pressure compensation reduces bottle parting line and mold wear
Clamp Unit

 CPSB LSS 12000  Specification  CPSB LSS 12000  Specification

New: All speeds now increased from 1500 to 1700 parts/hour per cavity.
CPSB LSS 12000 now available (12 cavity) at 20,000 parts/hour. (0.61.)

Rotary Machines

  • CP offers a 10 - cavity machine at this time
  • There are 4 models:
  • CPSBR - 10 - 36: Max. neck 28 mm, oven pitch 38 mm
  • CPSBR - 10 - 50: Max neck 43 mm, oven pitch 50 mm
  • Both machines have a maximum output of 14,000 b/h
  • CPSBH - 10 - 38H; Same as above for heat - set
  • CPSBH - 10 - 50H: Same as above for heat - set
  • Heat set machine output is 10,000 b/h
Rotary Machines

Benefits of Rotary Machines
  • Every preform is exposed to the exact same amount of heat and time between heating end blowing
  • Small oven pitch allows efficient heating
  • Synchronization is mechanical and, once set, very repeatable
  • Low dead - volume of air means lower air consumption
  • In - feed end out - feed are both mechanical and not prone to failure.
  • Pressure compensation means Iess stress on mold
Rotary Machines details

Chain Pitch in Ovens

  • In indexing machines pitch of mandrels in the ovens is the same as in blow mold "4"
  • Ovens are not loaded optimally
  • Large necks possible
  • In rotary and LS - 6000 machine pitch is either 38 or 50 mm
  • Energy savings due to better oven usage
  • Neck size limited by pitch: transfer ring must be 1.5 mm smaller than pitch


  • Blow machines need 30 to 40 bar (420 to 580 psi) air pressure
  • Compressor is by far the most expensive ancillary equipment for stretch blow molding
  • PET All compressors use a Chinese supplier that came out of lngersoll - Rand as the best compromise between low cost and reliability
  • These compressors are modular. Single unite of 20 to 40 cfm are stacked together to form larger systems that can easily be expanded

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PET All presents high-quality reheat stretch blow molding machinery at lower costs. We provide 3 types of machines to take care of all your reheat stretch blow molding needs. Our world class machines and molds are being used at many manufacturing units for highly efficient and cost-saving production processes. Manufactured with the latest technologies and tested for perfection, our reheat stretch blow molding machinery can be installed in easy steps and provides complete solutions for production of plastic products. Our machines are designed to function continuously for long hours with minimal down times and with high rates of efficient manufacturing. We have provided the complete specifications of our reheat stretch blow molding machinery, so that you can select the model best suited for your requirements.

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