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Can Mold - Phoenix Series
Heavy Duty
Extrusion Blow Molders

Extrusion Blow Molders

Phoenix Series

There are 5 basic models of Phoenix, but special sizes and variations are available by request.

1.  105F Can Mold Phoenix Series

2.  1010F Can Mold Phoenix Series

3.  1012F Can Mold Phoenix Series

4.  1015F Can Mold Phoenix Series

5.  Small Bottle (Dairy) Phoenix Series

1010F Can Mold Phoenix

1010F Can Mold Phoenix

The 105F and the 1015F can be offered in either of the 2 configurations shown.

Product Types

Machine Stroke
Standard Clamp Tonnage
Standard Extrusion Capacity
Open Close Stroke
Can Mold

The heavy duty, Phoenix series is available in the following 5 sizes as standard:

105F 1010F 1012F 1015F Special 10-155
Platen Size (W x H) 300mm x 365mm 380mm x 440mm 480mm x 340mm 700mm x 445mm 480 x 445
Machine Stroke 500mm 650mm 650mm 900mm 650mm
Standard Clamp Tonnage 78Kn 127Kn 110Kn 196Kn 127Kn
Standard Extrusion Capacity 60Kg Hour (65mm extruder) 90 / 105Kg Hour (75mm extruder) 70 / 120Kg Hour (75mm extruder) 230Kg Hour (100mm extruder) 185Kg Hour (90mm extruder)
Open Close Stroke 250mm 350mm 200mm 390mm 350mm
Machine Size (L x H x W) 3.8M x 2.45M x 3.6M 4.34M x 2.6M x 3.15M 4 M x 4.04 x 3.15M 6.2M x 4.7M x 2.5M 4M x 4.10M x 2.6M

Technical Details

Take-out of product through middle machine to 1 or 2 sides (choice) - Robot Arm System.

Controller Siemens Simatic S7, 100 sets of storage for molds.

Parison Control Siemens 50Pt or 100Pt (choice).

Deflash Top, handle, bottom included.

Conveyors Through middle for finished bottles. Scrap conveyor underneath, then onto grinder conveyor up to mouth of grinder.

Screen Siemens 7" touch screen standard.

Inverter Yaskawa, Japanese

Sensors and Relays Omron, Japanese

Hydraulic System Yuken, Japanese

Pneumatics Rexroth, Germany

Platform Automatic Lifting System

Die Head Chrome plated die head with torpedo design. 2 zone temperature control. 3 screw adjustment at front.

Clamp Massively constructed toggle system with balanced frame. Platen hook support.



Controls Cold start protection, self-diagnosis, empty hopper warning.

Proportional Controls On carriage stroke and clamp by request (optional).

Independent Hydraulic adjustments for mold close and clamp force.

Lubrication Automatic control system.

Linear High precision, explosion proof guides (linear).Rapid, smooth movement.

Linear Guides
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