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L Series-All Electric and Continuous Motion Reheat Stretch Blow Molding Machinery



    Feeding System

  1. Unscrambler fixed on the machine for saving space.
  2. Multiple protection devices for ensuring preform feeding and ejecting unqualified preforms.
  3. Continuous preform feeding system( same as CHUM POWER Rotary technology)

    Extremely Advanced Technology Heating System

  1. 50 mm heating pitch for reducing power waste and increasing heating efficiency.
  2. Horizontal preform direction for simplifying machine structure.
  3. Easy access for oven maintenance and lamp changing.
  4. Cooling ramp throughout protecting the preform neck.
  5. Excellent ventilation system for keeping the preform surface cool.
  6. Thermo device for detecting preform temperature.

    Transfer and Variable Pitch System

  1. Servo Motor controlled transfer with grips fixed on the timing belt.
  2. Quick transfer and precise location with variable-pitch screw and Servo driving.
  3. The system is all controlled by Servo Synchronizer.
  4. Excellent ventilation system for keeping the preform surface cool.
  5. Thermo device for detecting preform temperature.

Blowing and Clamping System

Servo driving synchronizes clamping and base mold.

Pressure/ Blowing System

Quick and precise blowing valves meet the high-demanding production.

  1. Whole electrical system ensures the high-speed operation and precise location.
  2. Quick changeover of mold.

L series stretch blow molding machinery can provide the bottles for:

PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

L Series


PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Specification table

  1. Depends on gram weight of container
  2. Depends on hot fill temperature and container design

Pet Stretch Blow Molding Process

Stretch Blow Molding is a process used for producing bottles commonly used for water, juice and other related items. In this process, a preform is loaded into the automatic PET stretch blow molding machine(preform is typically produced on an injection molding machine) where it is heated up and blown into a finished container. PET is the main material used for this process but other materials can be used like PP, tritan, etc in PET stretch blow molding machine.

Stretch Blow Molding Machine

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