PET Blow Molding

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Reheat Stretch Blow Machines

There are three types of machines:

  • Linear shuttle machines: 1 up to 6 cavities
  • Small and medium output at low cost
  • Linear machines with continuous preform motion: 1 to 12 cavities
  • Even heat distribution and easy operation
  • Rotary machines: 10 and 14 cavities
  • High output at a lower cost

ISBM Series Full-Automatic Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

This machine is a full automatic one-step molding machine for thermoplastic materials such as PET, PC and PP. It is widely used for the manufacture of packaging bottles in such industries as pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetic.

High Pressure Air Comp

An excellent choice for PET Blow Molding machines requiring high air volume at high pressure the Pet All, Pet Star system uses totally frame supported modular add-on units that can be progressively mounted as requirements increase. A computerized control system manages the interface.

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