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Reheat Stretch Blow Machines

In PET blow molding, Reheat Stretch Blow Machines are the second part of the process of bottle manufacturing. They load completely cooled down preforms onto rotating mandrels, heat them up to blowing temperature through an oven section, allow a short period for equalization and then stretch and blow them into bottles.

At Pet All Manufacturing, we offer three distinct types of plastic blow molding machines:

  • Linear shuttle machines: 1 up to 6 cavities - This PET blow molding machine is available in both small and medium output at a low cost.
  • Small and medium output at low cost
  • Linear machines with continuous preform motion: 1 to 12 cavities
  • Even heat distribution and easy operation
  • Rotary machines: 10 and 14 cavities - For this PET blow molding machine, you benefit from high output at an even lower cost.
  • High output at a lower cost

ISBM Series Full-Automatic Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

The advantage of using this machine is its full-automation, one-step molding process, making it ideal for thermoplastic materials such as PET, PC, and PP. As one of the top PET blow molding machine manufacturers, we typically see the ISBM series used by companies that produce packaging bottles. Some of the primary industries include pharmaceutical, healthcare, and cosmetics, although there are others.

High Pressure Air Comp

An excellent choice for PET Blow Molding machines requiring high air volume at high pressure the Pet All, Pet Star system uses totally frame supported modular add-on units that can be progressively mounted as requirements increase. In plastic bottle manufacturing machine, A computerized control system manages the interface.

Superior Quality and Affordable Prices

Even with superior quality plastic bottle making machines that surpass the customer’s expectations, we take great pride in keeping our prices competitive. As the leader among the most trusted and reliable automatic PET blow molding machine manufacturers, we provide only the best products to customers throughout the US.

For excellent bottle output and quality at a lower cost, contact Pet All Manufacturing Inc., who are a leading PET Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer who have a depot and service centre in the USA.

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