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Pet All Mfg. Inc. generated enormous success at the National Plastics Exhibition in Florida, where well over 20 machine sales were achieved for our Injection Blow Molding and Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery.

Pet All displayed a 135 Ton Injection Blow Molding Machine with Underneath Hydraulics, and our 5LD High Speed Single Head Leak Detector, which was leak testing bottles directly from the Injection Blow Machine. Our Injection Blow Tooling produced the containers, giving a complete turnkey plant.

Pet All's Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding Equipment was a Can Mold 250R Long Stroke Blow Molding Machine, producing 5L containers in 6 cavities. The equipment was completely turnkey, and was run continuously throughout the show. Despite the fact that the investment was very large for the 2500 square foot booth, Pet All's board of directors was extremely pleased with the return on investment.