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Pet All’s specialized team will have you producing high quality hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottles in as little as 10 to 12 weeks.

Pet All has increased production of our Injection Blow Mold machines in order to help combat the recent 400% surge in production of hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottles. Pet All is working extra hard to help our customers reach high demands in these uncertain times. We have increased our production of hand sanitizer bottle making machines.

All Pet All machines sanitizer bottle making machines are equipped with the latest Remote Trouble Shooting Technology allowing our technical staff to remotely provide online service and support to our customers anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PET All provides machinery in 3 technologies that cover the entire spectrum:

Stretch blow molding, typically 2 oz to 32 oz bottles in PET with a 20-410 or 24-410 neck finish. We also offer a very fast machine to make up to 4,500 one-gallon bottles in PET. We also offer solutions to make your own preforms or can also help you with sourcing preforms.

Here is a very popular model of our stretch blow machinery line:

inverted head machines

  • Model: LSS8
  • Max. capacity: 0.6 l (24 oz.)
  • Max. output: 20,000 bottles/h
  • Cavitation: 8

To view this machine running in full production please click on this YouTube video link: Click Here

Injection blow molding, typically 2 oz to 16 oz bottles in PP or HDPE. These machines make preforms and bottles in the same machine

inverted head machines

  • Model: 135 Ton IBM

Please click on this YouTube video link to view a machine running in full production: Click Here

Pet All’s line of IBM Injection Blow Mold Machines produce high quality containers and quicker ROI.

There are several advantages in using injection blow. In injection blow molding the part is formed in an enclosed mold and there is no scrap to be trimmed from the container. The IBM process allows for the formation of a thick treaded neck with a thin container wall. This feature allows for the use of injection blow molding for safety enclosures for pill bottles.

Extrusion blow molding, typically 8 oz to 128 oz bottle in PP or HDPE. This process lends itself to containers for wipes, 32 oz sprayers or 1-gallon bulk products..

inverted head machines

  • Model: CAN 250

This process does not require preforms; instead these machines convert HDPE or PP directly into bottles that leave the machine finished. Outputs are variable as are machine sizes to fit any output requirements.

Please click on this YouTube video link to view a machine running in full production: Click Here


  • Pet All continues to fulfill all spare part needs and do so in a timely manner.
  • Our shipping and logistics partners ensure no significant delays are incurred.

Reliable Technical Support

  • Technical service options available – Technicians drive and not fly to service calls until further notice to help keep our staff and customers safe.
  • The safety and wellbeing of our technicians and your staff is top priority, and we will evaluate each in-person service request on an individual basis.
  • We are available for teleconference troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Sales Support

  • Production of new machines and molds continues.
  • Our sales people are always available to provide a free quote and answer any questions.
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