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ISBM Series Full-Automatic Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

This machine is a full automatic one-step molding machine for thermoplastic materials such as PET, PC and PP. It is widely used for the manufacture of packaging bottles in such industries as pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetic. This machine has multi-cavities in one mold which can produce automatically and continuously. It adopts four working stations index head, hot runnersystem and multi-stage injection molding system. Injection, temperature adjustment, stretch blow molding and product out-feed stations work simultaneously to ensure high efficiency and energy saving operation of the machine. It is the preferred equipment for modernized production.

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  • Mold is made of high class stainless steel. It is processed by specialhigh precision numerical control equipment and fully guarantees the forming quality of bottle product.
  • Equipment parameters and process are set by HMI for living supervising of the equipment operation and its matching up with the panel switches and buttons, enables convenient. direct and highly efficient operation of the whole unit.
  • Hydraulic driving system equipped with highly efficient, changeable and readily controllable closed -loop variable displacement piston pump, 30%-40% power consumption saved.
  • The process of injection could set five stages of pressure and speed. It ensures the stable product quality.
  • Four-station index head fitted with high-speed servo driving system reduces the dry cycle significantly.