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Lower Cost, 'Workhorse' Series

This series is available in linear or angled clamp movement. The 'Work Horse' line is available in all sizes up to 20 L containers, which are deflashed and transported out each side in 2 streams. The single lane can be integrated and leak tested.

This process is also know as shuttle blow molding.
This CAN MOLD line is excellent for smaller production runs, for items such as Bicycle Bottles, Bleaches, Pool Chemicals, Washing up Liquids, Oil Bottles and Chemicals.

Up to 1 gallon all-purpose machine double sided

Technically the machine is very sturdy and long lasting and hundreds of these machines are being delivered worldwide.

The configuration is available up to 5 x 110 centers and the machine comes complete with de-flash and take-out with scrap conveyors and take-out conveyors, plus leak detector available in 1 package.

  • CAN 75R
    MODEL: CAN 75R
  • 3 layer with view stripe examples
    3 layer with view stripe examples

Can Mold Budget 'Work Horse' Series

This Can Mold is the ultimate quality / price package. A state of the art blow molder with inclined carriage movement of classic German design at extremely competitive prices.

Machine Range

  • CAN 75R Machine Range
    MODEL: CAN 75R

Technical Description

  1. Totally reliable; several thousand sold
  2. Automatic scrap / deflash removal
  3. Most components available from stock
  4. Best machine on the market for ROI
  5. Economical tooling package
  6. Tie – bar – less clamp
  7. Angled carriage movement of classical design
  8. US screw available on request for special requirement
  9. Single or double - sided models available up to 12 L
  • Container Types
    Container Types
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