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Pet All focuses on the following areas:

  1. Injection Blow Molding – Complete Plant with Molds
  2. Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery
  3. Manufacturer of Leak Tester / Vision Equipment
  4. Reheat Blow PET up to 5 gallon

Injection Blow Molding Complete Plant


1. Injection Blow Molding Complete Plant

Machinery is designed and built under the "CAN MOLD" Brand and the "NEXION" Brand.

  • The CAN MOLD equipment is "underneath hydraulics" type with no oil in the machine design above the tool area. These "Inverted Head" machines are perfect for clean lab situations. The tie bars pull down from the side instead of pushing down in the middle of the mold, ensuring all cavities produce bottles and the mainframe remains unstressed. Machines are available in 60 Ton to 189 Ton sizes (Inverted Head)
  • The NEXION series is the more traditional type of machine with the hydraulics above the head. These machines are tough, reliable work horses with a lower price than the "Inverted Head" series above. Sizes available are from 38 Ton to 75 Ton: larger sizes are preferable in the Inverted Head style for reasons explained above.
  • Full IBM Plant (Tools, Leak Tester, Vision Control, Metal Detect, Pack Out) We offer a turnkey solution to all projects; a complete cell will include a full range of IBM Tools made to world class standards (fully engineered and drawn up in USA), Leak Testers built at our factory in Canada, Vision Systems built in USA and engineered into our lines in Canada, Metal Detectors and Box Pack Out at the end of the line.

The IBM Sector is our main focus and Pet All installs machines and tools in quantities in markets such as USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Brazil, India, Russia and Spain.

Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery


2. Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery

Sold under our CAN MOLD Label, these machines are available in three basic types.

  • Linear Bearing Long Stroke (Continuous Extrusion)

    There are Linear Carriage, bobbling head style machines. We specialize in large, heavy duty machines up to 30 L capacity. A typical line would be an 8 cavity gallon (2 x 4 cavity) machine ideal for high production of F style gallons with handles.

    A Small Bottle Series (SBL) is available in high cavitation (up to 20 cavity) in both Hydraulic and All Electric Versions typically up to 1.5 litre.
  • Shuttle EBM (Continuous Extrusion)
    These are angled carriage extrusion blow machines (Work Horse Series) in container sizes up to 7.5 L. Highly reliable, low cost, these machines are very popular with smaller blow molders.
  • Accumulator Head
    These machines are made for very large containers or parts. We can produce machines for containers up to 3000 Litres.

Manufacturer of Leak Tester / Visions Systems


3. Manufacturer of Leak Tester / Visions Systems

Our leak testers can check small bottles in one head at up to 9000 parts / Hour. Most leak testers are supplied in line with our CAN MOLD IBM machines.

Several hundred leak detectors have been sold worldwide, and they are the gold standard for the IBM industry.

A complete production cell behind an IBM machine comprises:

-Leak Tester
-Vision Inspection
Metal Detector
Pack out

The complete line is manufactured in our Canada / USA facilities.

Reheat Blow Pet Equipment


4. Reheat Blow Pet Equipment

Pet All Mfg. Inc. supplies in North America only the Chum Power line of RHSB PET machinery. An outstanding range of all electric, continuous motion, high speed linear machinery in up to 12 Cavities is available. Sizes up to 5 gallon are available in fully automatic systems.

Injection molding machines for preform (turnkey) with molds are also standard.

Pet All also supplies our own compressors for Pet Lines.

10 different semi-automatic Pet RHSB machines are available in up to 5 gallons. These are compact, reliable, 2 part systems with separate heater and blow machines.

The above 4 categories are supported by a team of engineering and support staff in Canada, NJ, SC, AZ, MI, UK, Brazil, Mexico and China.

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