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Extrusion Blow Molders

The HE and FE series are identical except that the HE has a Hydraulic Clamp

The heavy duty, Phoenix series is available in the following 5 sizes as standard, available in Hydraulic HE and FE sizes:

105F 1010F 1012F 1015F Special 10-155
Platen Size (W x H) 300mm x 365mm 380mm x 440mm 480mm x 340mm 700mm x 445mm 480 x 445
Machine Stroke 500mm 650mm 650mm 900mm 650mm
Standard Clamp Tonnage 78Kn 127Kn 110Kn 196Kn 127Kn
Standard Extrusion Capacity 60Kg Hour (65mm extruder) 90 / 105Kg Hour (75mm extruder) 70 / 120Kg Hour (75mm extruder) 230Kg Hour (100mm extruder) 185Kg Hour (90mm extruder)
Open Close Stroke 250mm 350mm 200mm 390mm 350mm
Machine Size (L x H x W) 3.8M x 2.45M x 3.6M 4.34M x 2.6M x 3.15M 4 M x 4.04 x 3.15M 6.2M x 4.7M x 2.5M 4M x 4.10M x 2.6M

Other models up to 20L available on request.

Design / Integration / Support:

Our design engineers have paid particular attention to the design of the following:

  • All electrics designed to meet CSA, UL and CE electrical standards with American based componentry.
  • Safety standards to OSHA and ANSI, with 360° special protection with OMRON disconnects for operator safety.
  • Design of clamp, horizontal linear carriage and blow pins with Proportional Hydraulics to give high speed and reliable operation, or with servo motors on the FE Full Electric.
  • Siemens Controller (S7) with 100 sets of storage and Siemens 50pt or 100pt parison control.

Complete Plant System :

  • Blow Mold
  • Auto De-flash
  • Robot takeout of bottle through middle to 1 side
  • Scrap removal to 1 side
  • 2nd scrap removal to re-grinder
  • Post mold cooling
  • Molds provided (blow & de-flash)
  • Parison Control
  • View Stripe (to order)
  • IML (to order)
  • Auto Lubrication
  • Multilayer (to order)

Product Types

Machine Stroke
Standard Clamp Tonnage
Standard Extrusion Capacity
Open Close Stroke
Can Mold

Phoenix Series

Take-out of product through middle machine to 1 or 2 sides (choice) - Robot Arm System.

Conveyors Through middle for finished bottles.Scrap conveyor underneath, then onto grinder conveyor up to mouth of grinder.

Screen Siemens 7” touch screen standard.

Die Head Chrome plated die head with torpedo design.

Clamp Massively constructed toggle system with balanced frame.

Controls Cold start protection, self-diagnosis, empty hopper warning.

Lubrication Automatic control system.

Linear High precision, explosion proof guides (linear). Rapid, smooth movement.

Electrics CSA (Canadian Standard Electrics) systems, UL equivalent, CE equivalent.

Machine Layout

Machine Layout

Configuration Linear Bearing, bobbing head system



Linear Guides

Linear Guides


  • Left / right head adjustments
  • 4 sections temperature control
  • 3 sections cooling fan

Design of Scrap Removal Horizontal removal and climbing conveyor to grinder.

Scrap Conveyor to Grinder

Scrap Conveyor to Grinder

Manufacture of Machine To strict specifications controlled by Pet All Asia staff office. OSHA safety standards throughout, with gate safeties and utilities (disconnects) to OSHA standards. ESA sticker for Ontario standards included.

Scope of Supply Machine, parison control, de-flash, robot takeout, head, scrap conveyors (2), bottle takeout conveyor.


Molds Aluminum with copper beryllium inserts standard, available with machine.

    Copper Insert

    Copper Insert
    Molds Mounted

    Molds Mounted
    Molds Mounted

    Molds Mounted

Head Tooling Available.

De-flash Tooling Available

Knife Variety available.Hot knife or pre-squeeze pinch knife standard

Technical Specifications

Full Electric EBM Machine Product Technology

Higher output speeds, higher production volumes, 45% lower energy consumption than Hydraulic Machines.

Full Electric EBM Machine (Model Can Mold Phoenix FE)

1. Long Distance Trouble Shooting

Control of computer and program from manufacturer’s site to customer via Team Viewer.

Copper Insert

2. Servo Parison Control

100 point electric servo parison control system. Response speed 1ms Repeat accuracy 0.005mm

Copper Insert

3. Electric Head Lift

Multiple speed control for die head. Fast lift up, and slow decent, providing stable head lifting motion.

Copper Insert

4. Servo Blow Pin

Double direction guide rail design for blow pin with precise ball screw, increasing the stability of blow pin.

Copper Insert

5. Electric Platform Elevation

Electric driven lifting platform with worm gear reducer and guide technology to achieve stability.

Copper Insert

6. Servo Robot Takeout System

3 in 1 cantilever robot, with accurate positioning.

Copper Insert

7. Servo Mold Clamping – 250mm

Patented electric mode-lock. Low or with enlarged speed ratio technology. Clamping force is increased. Force of the front and rear clamping plates is very uniform. 1 second mold open / mold close (250mm mold open stroke).

Copper Insert

8. Servo Carriage

Stable, smooth servo carriage movement.

9. Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system for blowing is separate from the main air system. A cooling device in the blow pins speeds up the cooling time and shortens production time. Robot arm fingers also include a post-cooling system.

10. Water System

Blow pin and robot takeout have water cooling, to accelerate the cooling of products.

11. Mechanical Motions

Servo motor control gives a fast response and a smooth trajectory.

12. Energy Saving

With servo motors and newest clamping technology, the full electric EBM machine saves energy consumption of up to 50% compared to traditional hydraulic machines.

Scrap Conveyor to Grinder

13. Internet +

Intelligent manufacturing - SIEMENS ProfiNet bus technology.

14. Bussing Technique

The whole machine uses fieldbus technology.

15. Remote Maintenance

Our remote maintenance system can diagnose the machine running faults online and modify them while the machine is running.

16. Visual Inspection System

A full vision inspection system is available.

17. Parison Control System

The 100 point thickness control system can monitor the change of parison on the HMI screen.

18. Safety Protection

Full OSHA protection is provided.

Copper Insert

19. Optional Configuration for Performance Improvement

Joint Hot and Cold Knife Linear Guide Rail Structure - fast running Cold / Hot changeover achieved changing the blade only.

Copper Insert

20. Air Cycle Function

Speeds up the cooling

Copper Insert

21. Secondary Cooling Device

Speeds up the cooling Cooling the bottle neck a second time

Copper Insert

22. In Mold Labeling

In mold labelling option available

Copper Insert

23. Leak Testing

Many Options are available

Copper Insert

24. Thickness Control

Controlled on screen

Copper Insert

25. Cooling Blowing

Fast bottle Temperature reduction

Copper Insert

26. Electric Hoist

This operation can be added to the machine

Copper Insert

27. Robot Takeout

Bottles moved to rear for side takeout

Copper Insert

28. Pre-seal Cutter

Suitable for special products. Pneumatic control with good sealing effect.

Copper Insert

29. Vision Inspection

Inline systems available

Copper Insert

30. Side Needle Function

Suitable for products with no bottle mouth or 2 or more bottles in different directions

Copper Insert

31. Stop Device / Conveyor

Ensures good bottle separation

Copper Insert

32. Slanted Blow Pin

For angled neck containers

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