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Vision System

CVIB -Vision System

CVIB -Vision System

Complete Vision Inspection Module (CVIM) (For Plastic Bottles)

Complete Vision Inspection Module (CVIM) - (for Plastic Bottles)

The CVIM is a standalone, complete unit with its own drive, plus infeed and outfeed conveyors.

The CVIM Visual Inspection inspects plastic bottles with 5 cameras, 4 on the side and 1 on the top. A 6th camera is available for bottom inspection (optional, using a transfer belt, elevated bottle system to allow bottom access).

Speed detection is up to 10,800 parts per hour with detection accuracy of 0.2mm.

Construction Materials

The machine has a Misimi Japanese transmission system, and Visual Host System by Advantech (Taiwan). The cameras (5) are German made by Basler, with a 2 million pixel definition. Resolution ratio 1280 * 960.

There are 5 sets of high definition lenses, Model Ricoh CSS50. Two 4 channel digital displays (Taiwan) are used.

Light source is JK (Taiwan).

An OMRON encoder (Model E682 – CWZ 6C) is used.

Festo solenoid valves and Schneider electrical accessories are used throughout.

The monitor is a Philips 18.5 LCD.

Proprietary visual inspection software is used

Bearings are all NSK.

Machine Detail with Bottom Inspection (Depictions)

machine detail with bottom inspection

Container Rejection Device

Container Rejection Device

Machine System with 5 Cameras (no bottom vision) standard equipment is: $58,350 USD Dockside W Coast Port of Entry.

All clients are required to submit a few bottles showing the type of defect needed to be detected. The client’s requirements will be specifically examined and confirmed.

However, the price quoted covers obvious surface defects, such as spots, dirt, flash, bottle deformation visible under light with 0.2mm accuracy.

Layout of Vision Inspection

Layout of Vision Inspection
  • Automatic Bottle Un-scrambler
  • Metal Foreign Object Detection Platform

Leak Detector

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Leak Testing Bottles

Pet All Manufacturing Inc. designs, develops, prototypes and mass produces a complete range of leak detectors for the plastic bottle industry.

There are 4 different groups of leak detectors:

  • GIG 5LD High Speed Leak Detector:

    Pet All's flagship machine, and a universal unit to supply 90% of applications. Very simple and easy to use, the 5LD is one of the world's fastest leak detectors for mid-to-small size containers.
  • GIG BUDGET 3LD Leak Detector:

    This is a special economic model normally placed in tandem with extrusion blow molding machines.
  • GIG 5LD Dual Leak Detector:

    This machine has all the same basic features as the standard GIG 5LD except that it has special in-feed equipment and has 2 lanes with potential for very much higher output than a single track machine.
  • Special Custom Configurations:

    Special conveyors, accumulators, pick and place, vacuum, metal detectors, weigh checking and other special systems can be integrated into an automatic line.

Pet All Manufacturing Inc. are the market leaders in Canada in leak testing bottle technology and have hundreds of units running in the field today. Our leak testing detectors for plastic bottles are running at most of the largest blow molders in Canada and we have sold many systems that integrate into blow molding machines.
Our equipment for leak testing bottles are very user friendly and easy to use, have the fastest test rate per test head on the market and are available with many usable options.
We maintain a full supply of spare parts at our Markham facility and usually have stock units of our leak testers for bottles for quick delivery.

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