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Blow Mold Machine and Ancillaries Inventory for Immediate Delivery

Accumulator Head - in USA

AH 1000L 3 Layer Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machine (Stock #M3597)

  • Located at: 620 Minnie St, Paynesville, MN 56362, USA (less than 2 hours from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport)
  • Demonstration Machine-33kg/72lb Shot Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machine
  • 1600mm x 1500mm Platens
  • Three layer head with three extruders
  • 1000L Tank Sample Mold using integral bottom blow stand

For more information contact: Andrew Hobson 319-883-9264 ahobson@petallmfg.com

Accumulator Head - in USA

IBM 88 Ton Electric in UK

  • New, but used for demo / limited production (Stock# M3534)
  • List $305,000 USD
  • Price inside UK (free delivered) $240,000 USD




IBM 88 Ton Electric in UK

IBM 88 Ton Electric in USA

Ex-Show Model from NPE 2018 (Stock# M 3544). Available from MNA showroom in about 60 days. Used on demo for shows, and in production 4 months. Customer lost contract for the parts.

  • List $305,000 USD
  • This model available at $200,000 USD (100% electric)
IBM 88 Ton Electric in USA

IBM Used 88 Ton in USA

Machine used very short time in production. We rebuilt the machine to almost new condition. (Stock# M3634)

  • Price new $240,000 USD
  • For sale @$110,000 USD, duty paid, available inside USA.



IBM Used 115 Ton Jomar in USA

Jomar 115 Ton IBM (Hydraulic) (Stock# M3154)

Used for tooling trials at Pet All facilities. Can be demo’d with a 120cc mold (also available for sale). Mostly rebuilt by Pet All staff. Good production working order. Built 1995

  • Priced to sell at $70,000 USD FOB MNA warehouse, USA
  • Also available are 3 thermolators to go with this package.
  • Used Jomar 115 Ton IBM, serial # 3000-076



EBM Extrusion Blow Machines

FKI Can Mold Heavy Duty EBM Machine

Available for immediate delivery. One delivered 2011, one delivered 2012. Both in excellent condition, with only 2.5 years production in them.The order for the machines was lost.


Both machines identical except:

  • Machine 1 has clamp tonnage of 22 Tons (2011) (Stock# M3641)
  • Machine 2 has clamp tonnage of 30 Tons (2012) (Stock# M3642 – (Sold))

250R Equipped with:

  • Double head 320mm CD
  • Full Hydraulic
  • 125mm Screw (Torpedo design, double spider support leg)
  • MACO (USA) Control System
  • Hopper
  • Zambello Gear Box
  • 100 point Moog Parison Programmer
  • Carriage Stroke 880mm
  • Daylight between platens 234-700mm
  • Platen size 540mm (H) x 700mm (W)

Completed by:

  • Straight and incline conveyors (scrap)
  • Wrap around conveyor, to put 2 bottle streams together on 1 side of machine. 1 passes through middle of machine.

Note: 8 additional hydraulic and pneumatic valves.

Machines’ Location:Inside USA – Pet All Mfg. Inc engineering center vicinity, Minnesota

Status:Machines will need to be dismantled, loaded and shipped to end user. All charges are collect. Machines are sold in running condition on factory floor.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F2gS-o3dW8

Delivery Immediate: if required

Voltage: 480V 60C 3Phase

Payment: Cheque to be paid 100% in advance for used equipment, to Pet All Manufacturing Inc., Attn: Judy Hopper

Can Mold Phoenix 1015F - Quebec Canada - 2 years old (Stock# M3455)

  • Complete with conveyors
  • Fitted with Triple Head CD 250 / Dual
  • 2nd Dual Head 275 CD with View Stripe (5L)



6 Leak Detectors – Canada

6 Leak Detectors – Canada (Stock#’s M3574,5,6,7,8,9)

  • NEW Pet All leak tester model 5LD
  • Price: US $ 18,500 each




2 Auto Slitters – Canada

2 Auto Slitters – Canada (Stock # M-3573)

  • New Spin Trimmers
  • Price US $ 7,500




1 Automatic small bottle box packer (vacuum gripper load) – Canada

Pet all has developed a range of pack-out systems to go behind our blow molding machines. These fall under the following categories:

  • Packing into boxes in multilayer.
  • Packing into boxes with in-feed leak detector and variable leak detector conveyor(S shape, U shape, straight inline, detachable on castors, vacuum).




Chiller, Compressor, Tank, Loader to support large blow molder

1 set of thermolators for IBM Machine (4) (Stock# M3555)

New SHINI single zone, water cooled thermolator – 4 units available

  • Model: BWA IWT 91050 DS 460 / STM 910W 460V
  • PRICE: US $ 2,500 each




Vacuum Hopper Loader (Stock# M3556)

New SHINI self-contained vacuum hopper loader, model SAL-3U

  • Motor type: carbon brush
  • Motor power: 1.8 HP
  • Conveying capacity: 440 lbs per hour
  • Hopper capacity: 3 pounds
  • PRICE: US $ 1,200

PET Material dryer – SHINI (Stock# M3556)

New SHINI Dehumidifying Honeycomb Wheel Dryer, model SD-40H-P

  • Dryer capacity 30 pph
  • Pipe diameter, 2 inches
  • 460V
  • Price: US $ 9,000


2nd floor based vacuum loader (Stock# M3556)

New SHINI Hopper with floor stand and hose kit, model DU-40U(shown above with dryer)

  • Capacity: 50 lbs
  • Price: US $ 1,800




1 new FKI (Fong Kee) double layer, 4 x 100 Head / CD with LVDT / Servo (Stock # M-3525)

Includes Servo valve and LVDT Quotation on request.





1 new Phoenix (Pet All) Single layer head 3 x 250 CD (Stock# M3580)







1 new EBM Double Head 100CD with cylinder(Stock # M-3326) (KW)

New EBM double head 100mm CD with hydraulic cylinders Dual head centres

  • Suggested price: US $ 6,000







Bike Bottle mold set 2 x 130 CD (unused) (Stock # M-3325)

Set of EBM molds for sport/bike bottles 2 x 130mm CD.

  • Price: US $ 2,000





120cc IBM mold set (unused)Stock # M-3038

One set of molds:

  • 120cc round packer bottle
  • 18 cavity mold for 189 ton Uniloy
  • 12 cavity mold for 122 ton Uniloy
  • New, suggested price: US $ 25,000



1 US Gallon Mold 2 x 2 (new demo) from Phoenix (Pet All) 10-155, CD 2 x 215 CD- Stock # M-3438A
  • 2 x Dual cavity mold for 4L bottle
  • 215mm CD
  • Goes with M-3438B





1 used grinder for gallon bottles (2 years old) 14” x 18” throat (Stock# 3455) – Available in February 2020 for Delivery.





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