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CAN MOLD 250 (Dairy/ Yogurt Bottles)
New Machine Style:

Can Mold Phoenix Series
Phoenix Series 10-155F:

Oil Bottle 1L 4+4 video

Small bottle mach with spin trimmer

Can Mold 60R
(rear take-out):

Can Mold 60R 2 Layer
10 Cavity (5 x 5):

Can Mold 250R 6
Cavity (3 x 3 Gallons):

Can Mold 350R 6 Cavity
(4 x 4 - 2 ½ Gallons):

Can Mold 20L
Complete Plant:

Can Mold 'Work Horse'
Series 75R Complete Plant:

Angled Lift
CAN 80R Linear
'Work Horse' Series:

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