Why Choose HDPE for Your Next Blow Molding Project?

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Even with several quality materials available, the best blow molding manufacturers choose High-Density Polyethylene, otherwise referred to as HDPE. The top blow mold makers understand the characteristics of this plastic material and the unique benefits it offers for making blow molding products.

What Is HDPE?

Of all the plastics used for the blow molding process, HDPE is the preferred choice. Comprised of a string of ethylene molecules that make it strong yet lightweight, this thermoplastic is unbeatable. HDPE is also sustainable, and therefore, it matches the goal of multiple companies interested in using environmentally-friendly materials.

Benefits of Using HDPE

For a better understanding as to why so many manufacturers prefer HDPE over other plastics, consider some of the top advantageous.

  • Versatility – Compared to other plastics used by reputable blow molding manufacturers, HDPE is incredibly versatile. Because of that, experts use it to make children’s toys, pipe systems, chemical containers, plastic drinking bottles and containers, hardhats, telecom ducts, toiletry bottles, bread bags, and much more.
  • Lightweight – As mentioned, the light weight of HDPE is one of its most significant benefits. However, this material is also strong and durable.
  • Resistance – This plastic is highly resistant to several things, including impact, chemicals, mold and mildew, insects, and rotting.
  • Malleability – With incredible malleability, manufacturers can mold and transform this material into almost any design and shape.
  • Lifespan – HDPE outlasts other traditional plastic materials thanks to its resistance to chemicals, impact, and weather.
  • Durability – Another reason for the growing popularity of HDPE is its unrivaled durability. Instead of shattering when a product drops to the ground, it merely bounces back.
  • Weatherability – Because this plastic can withstand even harsh outdoor temperatures, it commonly gets used for outdoor applications. For instance, HDPE is often the plastic chosen for manufacturing playground equipment.
  • Sustainability – Again, HDPE is sustainable, and for that reason, many recycled products like trash cans and plastic lumber contain it.
  • Cost Savings – As a lightweight plastic material, HDPE cuts down on the cost of packaging and shipping.

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