Why Calibration Is Essential in the Blow Molding Industry

Blow Molding

During the manufacturing process, machinery needs to get calibrated. That ensures it will perform optimally as designed. However, calibration is just as important after installing the machine. So, purchase a product made by a leading blow molding machine manufacturer and then get it recalibrated.

Choose a Respected Blow Molding Machine Supplier

By working with a respected blow molding machine supplier, you’ll feel confident in the quality of the machinery. Not only will you end up with superior equipment but also the right type based on your application. Although the blow molding process remains much the same across the board, every industry has distinct needs.

That means the equipment produced by a blow molding machine manufacturer would differ for each industry. For instance, the automotive and health care industries would have specific requirements. Plus, the calibration for these sectors wouldn’t be the same.

As part of the design and production processes, companies that make this type of machinery factor in multiple variables. After all, blow molding manufacturers aren’t the same. Some companies produce small products for a single industry. In comparison, other manufacturers mass produce products to serve many sectors.

Another thing is that blow molding manufacturers use different plastics based on the products made. Sometimes, that consists of a lightweight and pliable material, while other clients require stiff and heavy-duty plastic materials. There are also environmental factors to consider, including temperature, dirt, and facility size.

That’s why a blow molding machine manufacturer doesn’t make just one type of equipment. Rather, it produces machinery that can accommodate the needs of every industry. However, all machines first get calibrated before going to a supplier.

What Calibration Focuses On

After installing the equipment purchased from a blow molding machine supplier, you’ll want it recalibrated. That guarantees the machine is identical to when it left the manufacturing company.

For this, the supplier will provide you with a setup sheet. That makes it easier to follow and document the process while accounting for the different variables. Below are some of the primary aspects that calibration focuses on.

  • Scientific Molding Principles – This pertains to a plastic’s melting temperature. Typically, the barrel heaters generate 20 percent of the heat energy needed to melt the plastic material. The mechanical shear generated by the machine’s settings accounts for the remaining 80 percent.
  • Load Sensitivity – This helps determine the machine’s performance during the fill phase. As part of this formula are fill time and injection pressure, which identify the level of performance.
  • Additional Focuses – Just as the blow molding machine manufacturer did, the after-install calibration would focus on these things. The machine controller, output, multi-stage pressure, composition control, casting, valve performance, and more.

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