Which Are the Best Machines to Make Blow Molding Products?

bottle blow molding machine

Understanding the blow molding process can help you better understand how to produce plastic parts and determine the best machinery to use during the process. Choosing the best bottle blow molding machine will depend on the process that you are using.

About Blow Molding

This process will create hollow plastic parts for containers. A blow molding machine will heat up plastic and then inflate it, similarly, to blowing up a balloon. This will force it to conform to the mold’s shape.

First, the machine will melt the plastic down and then form it to a mold, or a preform. After the machine preforms the part, it will move it to a mold where it can mount the part on an injection case. Then the machine will heat it to make the material soft again to inflate it with air. It pushes the soft parts out to match the machine’s mold. This is why the mold will be the final shape of the part.

The Process of Using Extruded Blow Molding Machines

A blow molder will melt the plastic and then extrude it to the injection case. Then the platens will clamp the case closed and create the right shape. With extrusion, you are squeezing out the melted plastic. Consider a tube of toothpaste. If you squeeze out a bit, you are extruding it.

Once the machine has molded the plastic and allowed it to cool, the machine can then eject the part and allow the machine to begin again. One of the advantages of this process is that the die cost and tool cost are low, allowing for a faster rate of production. The machines can mold complicated parts easily.

About Injection Blow Molding Machines

An injection blow molding machine uses a screw and barrel assembly to melt the plastic to inject it in the core pin and heated cavity. The mold will form the shape of the product while clamping it around the core rod. This forms the inside of the container.

Compressed air will inflate the container to match the constraints of the mold. One advantage of this process is that it results in a more accurate finished product. This is why companies use this to make products for the medical field.

Choose a Trusted Blow Molding Manufacturer

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