What Does the Future of Blow Molding Look Like?

Blow Molding

Blow molding has remained one of the most widely used manufacturing processes today. Used to produce plastic bottles and containers, it’s vital to many industries. In particular, the food and beverage (F&B) sector couldn’t survive without the blow molding method. Utilizing top-notch blow molding equipment, the F&B industry, among others, can anticipate a bright future.

New Horizons

From the perspective of a blow molding machine manufacturer, this is what the future looks like for this process.

Increased Process Simulation

Currently, there’s little computer simulation available to aid the blow molding process. As a result, some operators don’t have adequate resources. That makes it difficult to get quick yet accurate answers about the features and functionalities of blow molding equipment.

As an example, say an operator struggles to predict the wall thickness throughout oddly or complex-shaped parts and components. Having access to simulation would provide them with the information needed.

That would save valuable time and money. Industry experts expect to see better simulation options. Ultimately, they’ll enhance performance, decrease cycle time, and reduce the weight of finished products.

Machine Upgrades

There’s an excellent chance that more blow molding manufacturers will have the ability to upgrade or retrofit existing machinery. Through the use of mechanical and hydraulic components, blow molding machines will become more reliable and competitive.

Increased Innovation

A leading blow molding machine manufacturer feels it’s important to listen more carefully to what customers want. For instance, some companies want products made from recycled materials, while others ask for more color options. Companies also want stronger and lightweight components.

Manufacturers continue to work hard to give their customers more innovative solutions. Plus, there are some exciting things just over the horizon. For instance, a chemistry company in France developed a way for blow molding manufacturers to produce superior products using textile waste.

Improved Customer Training

After purchasing blow molding equipment from a reputable source, the company receives essential machine training. With the need to get products to the market faster, many companies opt to upgrade to newer and more advanced machinery. To ensure they benefit the most from their investment, experts believe that improved customer training will soon become the norm.

Increased Prototyping

The best blow molding manufacturers agree that it’s important to increase prototyping services. While some companies prefer 3D printing for profiles, nothing beats a traditionally made prototype. Especially with so many options for plastic materials, fabricators can create almost anything, whether simple or complex.

More Uptime

Perhaps one of the biggest things that blow molding manufacturers see coming is the standardization of tooling, including blow pins and molds. Today, companies that use this type of equipment want to achieve faster changeovers. Especially when dealing with high-volume molds, that would allow a single machine to perform the duties of two, possibly three.

So, industry experts anticipate that machine changeovers will become automatic. Not only will this help to speed up the production process but also prevent and even solve equipment problems quickly.

An Exciting Future

PET All Manufacturing Inc., a leading blow molding machine manufacturer, looks forward to the changes coming. All of the things mentioned plus more will benefit machine manufacturers, fabricators, and end-users. For information about the high-tech machines that we have available, contact PET All Manufacturing today.

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