What Are the Two Main Methods of Blow Molding Process?

Blow MoldingIn blow molding, a company will create shaped or hollow thermoplastic parts from polymer. The process will begin with the polymer getting melted down so the machine can take it out of the vat and put it in the molds. The molds allow the polymer to cool down so the PET blow molding machine can take it out as a finished part.

About Extrusion Blow Molding

This is a popular method of making plastic, and it involves melting, extrusion, and cooling. First, the company will melt the plastic and liquefy the plastic so that it is workable. In the extrusion stage, the vat will extrude the polymer. Then the machine will close the parison from the rest of the material to a cool mold.

Finally, the product stays in place until it cools enough to remove it. Then the machine will open the mold and take out the part for shipping.

Injection Blow Molding

This process lets a company quickly create polymer parts or a large number of them. First, the plastic will get melted and then injected into a mold shaped like the final part. During the molding stage, the polymer will get injected into the mold.

If the part will be hollow, the machine will use a mold in a needle style. That way, the machine can inject air in the middle of the mold. That allows it to push polymers against the outside. In the end, the mold will begin to cool, allowing the plastic to come out without getting damaged. After cooling, the machine will automatically remove it and move on to the next part.

In this process, the machine has a screw style piston that moves the melted polymer to the rest of the machine. It moves toward a hot runner manifold. That will keep the polymer liquid while preventing it from solidifying too quickly during the process.

Why Choose Plastic Blow Molding Machines?

A blow molded part can match the OEM specifications for metal parts, although they’re thermoplastic. With injection molding, you can quickly create parts and keep your cost per part very low. You can make your products with the exact specifications because of the specially designed molds. This also reduces any errors since each part is exactly the same kind.

Choose the Best PET Blow Moulding Machine Manufacturers

Many manufacturers that are trying to save money use these methods since they can keep the costs down. At the same time, using PET blow molding means you will not lose any quality in the product. If you want to learn more about our plastic blow molding machines, get in touch with Pet All Manufacturing Inc. today to learn more about our products.

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