What Are Some Scrap Recovery Challenges for Blow Molders?

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Every day, millions of people use products that come in plastic bottles, or utilize plastic containers to make tasks easier. As for daily products, those include shampoo, car oil, and milk. Regarding making things easier, that’s something like a plastic tote used for storage. With such high demand, blow molding manufacturers keep busy.

Because of the increased demand, there’s been a big change in equipment design made by leading bottle blow molding machine manufacturers. Not only do customers want more quantity, but they also want more versatility while maintaining the integrity of the finished product.

Even the plastic materials used by manufacturers that operate blow molding equipment are of higher quality. Part of that has to do with enhancing the quality of the product. However, the change to materials focuses on making this bottle-making process more sustainable and eco-friendlier.

Scrap Challenges That Molding Manufacturers Face

Scrap material is an issue that blow molding manufacturers deal with daily. Below are some of the more common problems that occur.

  • Blending issues develop with non-uniform regrind.
  • It’s difficult to granulate flash/preforms and scrap parts in the same unit.
  • To cut away bulky scrap parts with thin walls, manufacturers need to use a large cutting rotor.
  • Changing knives on older or larger granulators proves difficult.

Keep in mind that these represent just a few of the many challenges that blow molding manufacturers face regarding scrap material. This is why it’s so important for industries that use blow molding equipment to have a scrap recovery process in place.

Helpful Solutions

Again, these represent just a few ways blow molding companies can reduce the amount of scrap material associated with the manufacturing process. Getting equipment from one of the most trusted bottle blow molding machine manufacturers, selecting more eco-friendly plastic materials, and eliminating scrap will ultimately save customers money.

  • Select a machine with a rotor design that features adjustable rotating knives.
  • Go with a pre-adjusted knife gap feature that makes knife swap-out fast and easy.
  • Choose blow molding equipment with a tangential feed to process bulky parts and components. Also, auger screws that allow for a smaller granulator with a smaller cutting circle help.
  • Select a grinding system that boasts meter feeding. Included with that, a system with amperage control works best for metal detection and scrap cooling.

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