Various Methods of Blow Molded Plastic Solutions


Blow Molding

Manufacturers use the blow molding process to produce uniform hollow shapes in plastic bottles. The food and beverage industry then uses these bottles to hold carbonated drinks. The key to achieving high-quality products starts by purchasing machinery from one of the top-rated blow molding manufacturers.

A reputable blow molding machine supplier has state-of-the-art equipment that’s safe and reliable. Manufacturers who purchase a machine can then choose one of two processing methods according to their specific needs.

Popular Methods for Accumulator Head Blow Molding

Keep in mind that along with bottles that hold carbonated beverages, manufacturers also use this process to create plastic containers, jars, and much more. Regardless of the end-product, they can use one of two methods: single-stage PET and two-stage PET.

Single-stage PET

With the equipment from a blow molding machine supplier, a manufacturing company may need to use this particular method to make PET bottles. In this case, the method starts by selecting the appropriate raw material and ends with a completed bottle coming from a single machine. In other words, one machine performs all the required tasks to produce plastic bottles and containers.

With the single-stage method, an accumulator head blow molding machine doesn’t allow for heating the preform later on to customize the product. Rather, the mold injection preform is hot when it goes into the blow molding section of the machine.

In simple terms, the single-stage method using a quality machine from one of the best blow molding manufacturers aids PET integration. That makes the material ideal for both standard and non-standard shapes. For example, the food and beverage industry needs standard shapes for their bottles, while the cosmetics industry often requires non-standard shapes, like oval or off-center containers.

Two-stage PET

This particular method, also called “reheat stretch blow molding,” works to produce custom products. At the start of the molding process, the injection machine produces a preform, which is a semi-complete product. The neck portion of the preform isn’t completed until the final stage of the process. Ultimately, it’ll be smaller than the actual bottle, jar, or container.

The second phase of the two-stage method involves heating the preforms, which are then blown into the desired finished product. You could think of this as blowing up a balloon. Pressurized air goes into the heated plastic, which creates the hollow center.

An accumulator head blow molding machine used for the two-stage process is best suited for customized products, as well as large-scale production. Today, roughly 80 percent of all the plastic bottles produced around the world come from the two-stage method.

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