Valuable Insights into the World of Accumulator Head Blow Molding

Accumulator head blow molding

Unlike more traditional molding processes used for manufacturing milk jugs, motor oil containers, water bottles, and so on, accumulator head blow molding is for making large plastic containers, often with thick walls. The design of the accumulator blow molding machine, which includes a ram, programming rod, manifold, flow divider, pressure ring, core receiver, and mandrel stem, is what accomplishes this goal.

Because the products made with accumulator head blow molding machinery demand high precision, it is imperative that you purchase a machine from a reputable source. Not only will you end up with a superior quality machine, but you’ll also get all the support and training you need for efficient and safe operation.

What Type of Products Does an Accumulator Blow Molding Machine Produce?

As stated, the products these machines produce are large and require thicker walls. For example, you would use this type of machine to produce IBC containers, large water storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, plastic drums, containers for road tanker liquids, and other large, hollow containers. In fact, this machine is what companies use to make garbage cans, air duct products, oversized tool boxes, and even seats and chairs.

The top manufacturer of accumulator head blow molding machinery has three distinct sizes, each more than capable of meeting your specific requirements.

  1. Jumbo Series – 1000L and 2000L – both up to five layers
  2. Super Jumbo Series – 3000L – up to five layers and 5000L – up to four layers
  3. Colossus Series – 10,000L and 20,000L – both up to four layers

What makes the Colossus Series so unique is that it is the largest in the world. Depending on the product you need, this type of machinery uses either HDPE, PPO, or PP resin material in most cases.

Primary Benefits

Although there are numerous benefits to this blow molding process, the one that stands out the most is that it lessens downtime, which equates to increased profits. Then, of course, this is the ideal solution for molding large plastic products. Some of the other reasons for using this type of machinery include:

  • Superior technology
  • Sophisticated process controls for manufacturing challenging shapes
  • Readily available world-class components
  • Circumferential wall thickness distribution
  • Visually pleasing results
  • Stronger knit line
  • Faster parison extrusion rate

Top-of-the-Line Machines

At PET All Manufacturing, we offer many years of experience and unparalleled expertise in manufacturing accumulator head blow molding machinery. Skilled engineers design and develop all our products in-house, ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. For more information about our company and this specific type of machinery, please visit our website or call to speak directly with a company representative.

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