Using Textile Waste in Bottle-Making to Save the Environment

Injection Blow Molding Machinery

As a result of the massive volume of textiles that go into landfills, the environment suffers. The problem is that clothes, linens, and other fabrics don’t break down. With growing concerns, many industries now do their part to make a difference. Included are manufacturers that provide injection blow molding services.

How the Effort Started

Bottle-making companies that use the plastic molding machine got the idea thanks to a French chemistry company. Seeing how bad textiles affected the environment, this company developed an innovative process. It involves converting polyester textile waste back into purified monomers with the use of enzymes. Specifically, that includes two monomers: monoethylene glycol or MEG and purified terephthalic acid or PTA.

Things get even more interesting. This same process can then repolymerize the two purified monomers into polyethylene terephthalate or PET. This type of polymer is commonly used in bottle-making. So, companies can produce clear PET bottles with the aid of a plastic molding machine.

Here’s the bottom line. The chemistry company discovered a way to make bottles that contain 100 percent recycled purified terephthalic acid or rPTA. It did that by using textile waste with a high content of PET. This revolutionary process creates the potential to stop 42 million tons of textile waste from getting dumped in landfills. Instead, injection blow molding companies can use the material to produce PET bottles and containers.

Injection blow molding machine manufacturers stay busy due to customer demand. With the recent development, they’re getting even busier. Doing things to clean up and protect the environment is a major priority for multiple industries. However, by using quality machinery as part of injection blow molding services, bottle-making companies have the opportunity to expand their businesses. With that, they can generate more revenue.

Innovative Product Options

Before developing this innovative process, mechanical recycling was the only option that bottle-making companies had. As a result, they could only produce clear bottles. However, this enzyme converting process changed that. Now, companies can use the same plastic molding machine to manufacture colored bottles and containers.

Without question, this will change how bottle-making companies conduct business. For example, as part of their injection blow molding services, they can better customize products while still using PET. Also, since this process involves recycling, it will reduce manufacturing costs, which in turn, will save end-users money.

Changing the World of Plastics

If you’re eager to start using recycled textiles to make superior bottles, be sure to start with an advanced plastic molding machine. At PET All Manufacturing Inc., we can help you select the right machine based on your specific operations. Contact us today for personalized service.

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