Unveiling the Craft of Plastic Sanitizer Bottle Production

Blow molding machine

The tiny bottles everyone sees nowadays result from the intricate plastic manufacturing processes. Thanks to technology, there are some incredible technology and machinery in action. The process and tech used to ensure that the product stays intact add to the longevity of the bottles. So, as someone related to this industry, understanding the hand sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine and procedure is essential. Here’s everything about manufacturing plastic sanitizer bottles and more to assist you.

The Initial Stage

The process starts by heating the plastic to melt it. This material is in small pellets, which are easy to melt down. Going forward, the material is transferred to a container to melt it down. The ideal temperature ranges from 500 to 600 degrees, so liquid plastic can enter a suitable mold.

There is a lot of pressure during this process, which occurs rapidly. Often, it happens a few times each minute. The mold is cooled to a little less than half the temperature they heated to make the process and result more efficient and consistent. To be more accurate, it can be around 200 degrees or so. When the temperature goes down, it can become more reliable. It takes on the mold’s shape. Next, the products are installed to make them more durable.

The Stretch Blow Molding Process

After the pellets are formed, they can transform into a plastic bottle. The preform, a parison, resembles a test tube with one open end. This unique design allows for the blow molding process to commence. As the parison is placed into a mold resembling a bottle, the sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine carefully heats it to the perfect temperature, preventing full melting. The parison is expertly shaped into a usable bottle using a rod and strategic airflow.

Finishing the Bottle

After the bottle is removed and trimmed by the machine, a skilled operator inspects the output for quality control by randomly removing some bottles. They meticulously check for uniform thickness and weight to ensure the highest standard. Furthermore, the company conducts a rigorous crush test to ensure the bottles can withstand being stacked when filled. This includes measuring their capacity and ensuring they can hold carbonated items.

Make the Perfect Choice for Your Sanitizer Bottle Manufacturing Machine

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