Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Blow Molding Machine

plastic molding machine

Whether expanding your business or starting a new company to offer blow molding services, you want to purchase the right equipment. With so many exciting options today, it’s important to factor in several things before buying a plastic molding machine.

Important Considerations for a Plastic Molding Machine

For injection blow molding, you want to get equipment from one of the leading injection blow molding machine manufacturers. Not only will that give you more options, but you’ll also end up with cutting-edge machinery that surpasses expectations.

  • Understand the Process

Especially if you’re beginning in the field of injection blow molding, spend time researching and learning everything possible about the process. As an example, an injection blow plastic molding machine is different from a stretch molding machine.

The injection molding process is what manufacturers use to make hollow bottles and containers. With this, you can produce a high quantity of repeatable products. In comparison, the stretch blow molding process creates high-quality and high clarity bottles.

  • The Machine’s Design

To run a competitive business, you need to produce superior quality products. When you’re ready to make a purchase, always rely on a trusted source.

The best suppliers and distributors have options from top-rated injection blow molding machine manufacturers. Whether for SBM and IBM, they have advanced technology.

  • Work With a Reputable Source

Speaking of the source, it matters where you buy an injection blow plastic molding machine. As mentioned, you’ll have a much broader range of options. However, a leading supplier or distributor has much more to offer.

By working with a reputable source for machinery used for the injection blow molding process, you’ll receive excellent customer service and support. With years of experience and vast knowledge, a representative will ensure you purchase what you need.

  • Making PET Bottles and Containers

Another factor has to do with making PET bottles and containers. For this, two types of machinery exist. First, there’s a plastic molding machine for the cold preform method. Second, manufacturers use a different machine for the hot preform method.

The cold method requires two machines. Although a two-step process, it’s the most energy-efficient of the two. As for the hot method, you need just one machine. Again, the right source offers both from the most respected injection blow molding machine manufacturers.

  • Manufacturing Capacity

Buy a machine that can keep up with demand. A one-step plastic molding machine works best for small to medium capacities. The two-step method is ideal for manufacturing PET products on a large scale.

A Trusted Source for a Plastic Molding Machine

With unwavering expertise, an expert with Pet All Manufacturing Inc. will help you find the best injection blow plastic molding machine for the money. We only work with the most revered injection blow molding machine manufacturers. That’s a key first step to setting your company up for success. Give us a call.

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