Things to Know About the Machinery Used in the Molding Process

blow molding machine

When it comes to blow molding, you probably have an interest in knowing more about the equipment used for it. Blow molding involves forming plastic, hollow parts. Companies use it to make bottles and other objects. A blow molding machine has a similar function to inflating a balloon. The equipment will heat the plastic and shape it to a mold. The right bottle blow molding machine is important to help your facility maximize its profits.

Understanding Molding

Usually, injection molding will melt the plastic and shape it with a mold. This is a preform. The machine will then move the part to a blow molder and put it another mold. Then, the machine will heat the plastic to soften it.

Types of Machines

There are two main types of blow molding machines. The first one is an injection blow molding machine. The second one is an extrusion blow molding machine.

An extrusion blow molding machine melts your plastic and pushes it to the injection case. The machine will then clap the part in the mold to be the right shape. The function of an extrusion machine is to squeeze the plastic into the shape. After this, the plastic will cool to the right temperature. The machine will eject it and begin again. Companies use this process to make things like shampoo bottles, milk jugs, and different parts of the automotive industry.

Many blow molding equipment manufacturers make injection machines. This machine’s process uses a screw and barrel assembly. The machine will melt the plastic and inject it into the cavity, which looks similar to a test tube. The cavity mold will form the shape of the product, and a rod will form the inside of the product. When the product cools, the machine will eject it and begin the process again. Many companies use this type of machine to make single-serving bottles and tubes.

One of the advantages of extrusion blow molding is that it can make larger objects. Also, the cost of the tools is often quite low.

One of the advantages of injection blow molding is that your product will be more accurate. This is why the medical field often uses this type of manufacturing. However, you can only use the process for smaller objects. You also cannot have handles on the finished material.

Choose one of the Best Blow Molding Equipment Manufacturers

You have several options when it comes to choosing molding machinery. The right type of blow molding machines for your facility will depend on what you are wanting to make. However, no matter what products your company creates, Pet All Manufacturing has the right bottle blow molding machine for you. To learn more about these machines, please contact our company today.

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