The Quest to Produce Quality Bottles With Greater Precision and Speed

Injection Blow Molding

Producing bottles with higher accuracy and speed is more important than ever today. Blow molding machine manufacturers are meeting the challenge with continuous innovations and new investments. Next-generation models and new products level up machine flexibility and repeatability. Manufacturers are improving their bottle blow molding machines to better serve the needs of buyers from the automotive, beverage, cosmetic, and health care sectors.

Energy Savings

One of the biggest ways to increase efficiency and production time is by changing the way that blow molding ovens work. They produce infrared heat that softens the PET preform before it goes to the mold. With perfect efficiency, an oven would only make as much heat as it needed. But a lot of the infrared heat ends up getting wasted because it does not get directed to the preform. An oven might need at least 230kw to do the job.

That is why some blow molding machine manufacturers are coming up with new oven systems. One innovation features four parallel ovens. This system offers better control over the manufacturing process. For example, if you are creating four bottles, you do not want the first cavity to vary from the next one because it would create imperfections.

One benefit of newer bottle blow molding machines is that they save companies money by requiring less energy. With advances in technology, manufacturers are better prepared to make fast changes. They will have the capability to make bear-shaped bottles for honey one day and spray bottles the next day. What sets these companies apart is the wide range of bottles that they can make with their machines.

Pet All Manufacturing’s Innovations

Leading blow molding equipment manufacturer Pet All Manufacturing Inc. has come up with three new blow molding machines featuring all-electric technologies. These are the CPSB-1000 LLE PET stretch blow molding machine for making15-liter containers, the BM 300/700 blow molding machine for clean rooms, and the ISBM-180E injection stretch molding machine. As with other technological advancements, these new machines offer energy savings. Another benefit is that their cycle times are faster than hydraulic machines.

Where to Get the Best Blow Molding Machines 

Pet All Manufacturing, Inc. has a complete range of high-quality blow molding machines for the European and North American markets. We have a team of experienced in-house engineers to design our machines, which are integrated in our two locations in North America. 

We have a commitment to offering your company the highest return on investment by selling proven equipment backed by many years of industry experience. Our engineering facilities support our machines in case of any issues. We offer ANSI, CSA, UL, CE, and OSHA solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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