The Process of Manufacturing Plastic Sanitizer Bottles


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When you get a drink or use a bottle of hand sanitizer, you might not think that much about what is inside the bottle. However, it is best to have an understanding of the process behind making these bottles. That way, you can better understand the way the company makes these materials. Of course, the correct hand sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine will go a long way toward creating the best outcome.

Starting the Process

The company starts by heating the plastic to melt it. The company receives the material as small pellets, which are easy to meltdown. Then the company can pour the items into a container to melt them down. The company heats them to about 500 to 600 degrees, and the liquid plastic can then enter the right mold.

There is a lot of pressure, and the process happens reasonably fast. Often, it happens a few times each minute. To make things more efficient and consistent, the company can cool the mold to a little less than half of the temperature they heated it at. That might be around 200 degrees or so. When the temperature goes down, it can become more reliable. It takes on the mold’s shape.

To keep the product more stable, the company will rapidly cool the product. Then the plastic is a narrow, hollow tube.

How a Sanitizer Bottle Making Machine Does the Stretch Blow Molding Process

The pellets can then become the plastic bottle. The tube is a preform or a parison. These look like test tubes and have one end open. That way, the blow molding process can take place.

The parisons can go into a mold shaped like a bottle. The sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine will heat the parison, but not so much that it completely melts. The machine places the parison on a rod and moves air into the parison to shape it.

Finishing the Bottle

Next, the machine will remove the bottle and trim it so that it is uniform. No matter the output, the machine operator, can remove some random bottles to look for quality control. They will check the thickness and weight to ensure each one is the same. The company will also do a crush test since these bottles need to get stacked on each other when full. The company measures how much each one can hold and ensures they can have carbonated items if necessary.

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Understanding the steps that your sanitizer bottle-making machine takes can help you make the right choice. Then you can make the best choice. Working with the right company is essential.

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