The Major Advantages of a Stretch Blow Molding Machine

stretch blow molding machine

For goods that people use on a daily basis, manufacturers rely on different types of equipment. Among these are stretch blow molding machines, which various industries use to create plastic bottles, jars, and containers. By learning the key advantages of a stretch blow molding machine, you will gain a new appreciation for everyday items that most people take for granted.

  • Product Variety – Companies use stretch blow molding machines to make plastic products in varying sizes and shapes. With this process, the manufacturer starts by creating a preform, which expands once heated from the air pressure blown inside. What makes these machines so incredible is the fact they can produce even complex designs. Although the food and beverage industry relies on this method the most, with such diversity the process benefits other sectors as well.
  • Cost Efficiency – Because of the minimal cost of tooling and dies, you save money, which you can then pass on to your customers.
  • Automation – Because the PET stretch blow molding machine is virtually 100 percent automated, there is also the benefit of reduced labor costs. Even when producing complex products, this equipment offers cost savings.
  • Material Choices – Another advantage of stretch blow molding machines is you can use a broad range of thermoplastics. As you can imagine, that provides you with even more diversity in the products you make. Also, the materials are recyclable, allowing you to run an eco-friendly business that customers find appealing.
  • Strength – Compared to other manufacturing methods, this one yields finished products with incredible tensile strength. Especially for the food and beverage industry, this quality is essential for soda bottles. Due to the pressure buildup from carbonation, the plastic bottles hold up perfectly without risk of deformation.
  • Increased Barrier Properties – Because stretch blow molding machines pull bottles and containers in both a hoop and axial direction, the barrier properties increase. At the same time, that process enhances clarity, tolerable drop impact, and top load. Ultimately, you end up with a superior-quality finished product.
  • Production Rate – Even if you have a need for high production, this machine can handle it. Regardless of the quantity or complexity of the design, the process is fast and efficient. As a result, you can meet tight deadlines and customer demand with no problem.

Choosing the Right Machine Source

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