The Important Role Air Valves Play in Accumulator Head Blow Molding

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While it is relatively easy to find information about accumulator head blow molding, very few people discuss the importance of the air valves as part of the process. Many people do not realize that the number of valves on the machine used for accumulator blow molding may be insufficient. For that reason, you should gain some basic insight into the number, size, and function of the valves for your blow molding machine. This is also why buying a machine from a trusted source is so crucial.

For this type of machinery to operate properly, which in turn produces precision blow molded parts and components, constant air supply pressure is essential for every molding cycle. To accomplish that, the machine needs the proper air valves. You also need the correct programming sequential for additional valves.

To quickly inflate the parison once the mold closes, the machine must produce the right air pressure. For that, you want to make sure there is sufficient flow-capacity coefficient and capacity. For your company to manufacturer superior products, it is also critical for air to discharge quickly before the mold opens, which vents through the quick-exhaust vents close to the air exhaust location.

The following are some things to consider with a blow molding machine.

  • To ensure the parison flows around the deep draw areas as the mold closes, initial low blowing air pressure is around 40 psi.
  • The initial blow has a ratio of 1.5:1. If the ratio goes higher, you would expect to see either a wall blowout or a part or component with extremely thin walls.
  • When forming the finished part, you can switch the air to a higher final blowing pressure.
  • During the initial tryout, it is important to determine the appropriate pressure sequence.
  • To form the neck opening of the part, you can rely on the air cylinder for main air blow.

Additional Air Valve Applications

There are even more applications for the air valves found on a machine used for accumulator blow molding. Some of these include:

  • For automation, the machine relies on press gates.
  • For pulling or stretching the parison horizontally, the machine has a dual parison spreader system.
  • A stripper mechanism is what discharges the part or component from the mold once it opens.
  • Air valves and cylinders actuate part ejectors located inside the molds to help release the blown parts.

When purchasing a quality machine for accumulator blow molding, a representative from PET All Manufacturing will go over every detail, including the air valves. If you run into a problem or have questions, someone will assist with that as well.

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