The Impact of COVID 19 on the Demand for Stretch Blow Molding Machines

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When you look at all the different plastic bottles used for a broad range of products, you’ll quickly notice they come in different sizes and shapes. That even includes those used for hand sanitizer. To produce a plastic bottle that works but also attracts consumers’ attention, manufacturers use the stretch blow molding process.

Although manufacturers have long relied on a stretch blow molding machine to create uniquely shaped products, demand increased substantially during the pandemic. For one thing, finding hand sanitizer was incredibly difficult. For another, companies were cropping up all over the place trying to market their product. So, top manufacturers needed a way to meet their customers’ demand but also make their product stand out.

Along with the more conventional equipment, some manufacturers used an accumulator head blow molding machine. With this method, the machine’s extruder moves forward and backward in a similar way as an injection molding machine. It too yields a superior and cost-effective finished product.

Although consumers purchased fewer goods during the pandemic because of limited funds, they still wanted hand sanitizer. In just 12 months of dealing with COVID-19, demand for this product climbed 1,400 percent. For manufacturers that provide stretch blow molding services, that put a tremendous strain on the equipment and resources.

Industries for the Highest Demand for Stretch Blow Molding Machine Services

Keep in mind that all kinds of industries benefit from this and the accumulator head blow molding process. However, specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, some industries needed hand sanitizer more than others. The following are some of those with the highest demand for this specific product:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Personal Care

Working around the clock and utilizing additional qualified resources, manufacturers that provide stretch blow molding services did their best to keep up. However, it wasn’t easy. After all, there simply weren’t enough plastic bottles for companies that made hand sanitizer.

Continued Challenges

Now that the pandemic is easing up, you might think that manufacturers who make or distribute the stretch blow molding machine could breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately however you look at it, that’s not the case. After reviewing the outcome of multiple studies and in-depth research, experts found that these manufacturers, as well as those that make plastic bottles, will continue to experience increasing demand.

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