The Effect of Melt and Mold Temperature in Plastic Molding Development

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When you are doing plastic molding development, the right mold and melting temperature must ensure your part meets the requirements. By learning more about these aspects, you can learn how the two can work with the one you are doing molding development. That way, you can save money and create a better part each time. Of course, using the right plastic molding machine also goes a long way toward ensuring you get the right amount and reduce your energy usage.

About the Melt Temperature

When you are doing plastic molding, you need to monitor your melting temperature during the molding process. The resin properties and temperature change when your resin moves throughout the process. The temperature can impact several parts of the mold. Depending on the resin you have, the temperature might affect things like the molecular weight and resin viscosity.

Considerations to Be Aware of

When considering your melting temperature, you will want to consider things like the final requirements, residence time, type of resin, and any mechanic work you do to the machine.

Perhaps you have a polypropylene material you are using. If you have a 400 instead of 480 degrees melting temperature, the impact resistance is often better. The process does not use as much energy, and the mold cycle time can get reduced significantly.

With plastic injection blow molding, you need to have the right mold temperature. That way, you can reduce unnecessary defects, like jetting or mold warpage. If you are using polycarbonate and use a higher mold temperature, the mold’s stress is lower. That results in better resistance to fatigue and stress cracking. It can also better resist impacts.

Mold Temperature and Melting Temperature

It is essential to understand the way the mold and melt temperature work with each other. That way, you can appreciate the final parts created. Many times, having a higher temperature for the mold and a slightly lower melting temperature gives you the best results. Still, many molders do not know how to monitor these techniques and implement them. That means they might use a higher melting temperature than necessary. Of course, working with the right company can mitigate the issues.

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