The Design Skills Gap – An Ongoing Concern for Manufacturers

Injection Blow Molding

Studies have shown that the skilled workers gap has only been widening in recent years. The 2018 Deloitte skills gap and future of work in manufacturing study found that in 2015, it took 70 days to find a skilled worker to fill an open position. But by 2018, that number had jumped to 93 days. This widening gap is a concern for the industry of injection blow molding, especially because it seems to only continue growing.

According to the Deloitte study, there are three main reasons for this shortage of skilled workers. These include:

    • Baby Boomers: The workforce of skilled individuals has consisted largely of Baby Boomers. However, these individuals are now retiring, and there are not enough people to take their place.
    • Misconceptions: Many people have misconceptions about manufacturing industries such as injection blow molding. These individuals may believe that the job is not as “good” as a white-collar job may be.
    • Technology: Advancements in technology have created many more jobs in office settings. A new set of skills to work with this technology is necessary, and the better pay of many of these jobs is drawing people away from choosing to work in manufacturing. In other words, the desired skillsets of young people entering the workforce are changing.

This can put equipment manufacturers at a disadvantage when it comes to the competition. For example, by the year 2028, the manufacturing industry may be at a $2.5 trillion deficit. In the Deloitte study, 42 percent of equipment manufacturers said they outsourced work to help make up for the gap.

Lessening the Skills Gap

It is possible to lessen the risks that this gap presents. Outsourcing some processes can help manufacturers improve their efficiency. Equipment manufacturers can work with their design and engineering teams when designing the parts and tools. Choosing the right injection blow molding machinery can help automate the process so that it will require fewer skilled workers. This allows the workers to focus on other necessary tasks.

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