The Creation Process for Hand Sanitizer Bottles

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With the COVID pandemic under control, you probably think the sales of hand sanitizer have declined. Well, that’s not the case. Many people continue to be vigilant about staying healthy. That means manufacturers continue to make high-demand products. For this, they rely on a high-tech sanitizer bottle-making machine.

Overview of the Bottle-Making Process

The process begins with the bottle’s design. Whether created or provided by the customer, the manufacturer converts this to a CAD image. If required, that company will make modifications. From there, the CAD image gets translated into a 3D prototype.

Before using a sanitizer bottle-making machine, the designer and manufacturer conduct a review to ensure the prototype properly represents the final product. This eliminates any risk of mass-producing defective bottles.

Machines for Sanitizer Bottles

Creating these bottles requires three important things: expertise, quality material, and the right sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine. The goal is to produce superior packaging that maintains the integrity of the sanitizer. Below are the steps to make products that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

  • The machine melts quality plastic, often in the form of pellets. To melt the plastic material, the sanitizer bottle-making machine reaches a temperature between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • As the material cools, it becomes a hollow tube called a parison. Then, a stretch blow molding machine puts the parison on a rod while forcing air inside. This process is what transforms the hollow tube into a hand sanitizer bottle.
  • After the sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine creates the packaging in the desired shape and size, it trims it. Throughout this process, the individual operating the machine can conduct quality control checks. Specifically, they look at the weight and wall thickness of the product.

Various Bottle Sizes and Shapes

Again, manufacturing companies use cutting-edge machines for sanitizer bottles for packaging in a broad range of sizes and shapes. These bottles may also come in a wide variety of caps and closures. These may include sprayers, pumps, flip-top closures, and screw caps.

For instance, consumers often purchase smaller bottles. They can squirt or spray the sanitizer directly onto their hands. The same machine can create foam pump bottles as well. As for companies and organizations, experts use a sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine to create large round spray bottles.

Regardless, the combination of expertise, material, and the machine is what yields a superior finished product.

Obtaining the Right Machines for Sanitizer Bottles from a Trusted Source

Without expertise and superior material, a manufacturing company cannot turn out quality products. The same goes for the sanitizer bottle-making machine. This is where Pet All Manufacturing Inc. can help. We offer our customers top-of-the-line machinery for this and other products. To learn more or for assistance in choosing the right machine, give us a call.

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