The Benefits of Injection Blow Molding

Injection Blow Molding (IBM) refers to the manufacturing process whereby hollow plastic products such as bottles and other containers are formed. Injection Blow Molding Machinery – and the products this manufacturing method produces – has become virtually indispensable across many industries, and Injection Blow Molding yields multiple benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Electric injection blow molding

Typical containers are pharmaceutical bottles, under arm deodorant bottles, dairy bottles, etc.

The Injection Blow Molding process incorporates three basic stages: plastic is injected into a mold to create a plastic cylinder; that plastic cylinder is blown into a mold to form a hollow part; and then that form is ejected. During this process, air is used to form the hollow plastic shape by forcing the soft plastic into the mold’s cavity. Though described here in simplified terms, this outlines the general method of the injection blow molding process.

Injection blow molding provides manufacturers with a number of benefits:

  • No unwanted scrap material is generated during the process
  • Better, tighter part tolerances that are safe and secure are created
  • The procedure produces good surface finishes
  • Injection blow molding yields a high product volume

To further expand on these benefits: During the molding process, there is no excess material to be trimmed because the part is formed in an enclosed mold. Next, the three phases of the injection blow molding process permits the formation of a heavier threaded neck with a thin container wall. This makes injection blow molding ideal for creating safe and secure container closures – an important attribute for all containers. Thirdly, injection blow molding can be used to mold different container types; that is, different manufacturing specifications can be met. By example, this means that the process can be used for making blow molded products with heavier bottoms and thicker mid-sections. This in turn can be of immense value to manufacturers for any number of products and ingredients that can be held and stored in the formed container. Finally, the process yields good surface finishes, something that’s important for product display and branding.

It should be kept in mind in speaking about the benefits of injection blow molding that different methods of blow molding offer comparative advantages over other blow molding methods. But regardless of a manufacturer’s requirements, there is a process that assures high manufacturing quality with an excellent return-on-investment – and injection blow molding is one such process.

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