Interesting Facts about the Blow Molding Machine

blow molding machine

Whether you have extensive knowledge and experience using a blow molding machine or want to purchase one for your company’s projects, there are several facts that you may find interesting. As you go over the information, you will discover that the number of blow molding advantages is more than you may have imagined.

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Blow Molding Purging Procedures

Purging your blow molding machine is necessary to ensure optimal performance and a superior end product. While there are some differences between standard and custom blow molders, the blow molding design is similar enough that there is no real impact on the purging process. Even when it comes to extrusion blow molding vs. injection blow molding, purging is essential.

Blow Molding

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How Does a Blow Molding Machine Work?

Of the many different machines used for manufacturing products, the blow molding machine is one of the most fascinating and useful. Known as extrusion blow molding, the simple explanation as to how this blow mold design works is that air is blown into a parison, shaping the hollow bottle as it inflates. However, there is much more to the plastic extrusion blow molding process.

Blow Molding Machine

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