Stretch Blow Molding and Its Different Applications

Stretch Blow Molding

Stretch blow molding is a manufacturing process that’s well suited for different applications across a broad range of industry sectors.

Blow molding is an engineering procedure in which hollow plastic forms such as water bottles and juice bottles are formed. Stretch blow molding is one type of blow molding that allows the preformed products – in this example that being bottles – to be manufactured into high-quality bottles with high clarity – and the full scope of stretch blow molding allows for an extensive and diverse number of uses. Stretch blow molding is most often used for making plastic bottles for water, juice, carbonated beverages, and a variety of other products such as liquid soaps and detergents.

The primary advantage to stretch blow molding is that it is known for biaxial stretching (that is, having two axes). There are significant benefits to this process. For example, it makes for improved barrier properties, better clarity of the formed container, improves the malleable strength of the container, and also makes for acceptable impact tolerances. This all means that there’s an increase in the strength of the container along with a reduction in the weight of the container of roughly 10 to 15 percent (as opposed to other production methods). This in turn translates to cost savings while producing high-quality, attractive containers.

Stretch blow molding has some notable benefits that include high-production rates and volumes, particularly when combined with the aforementioned attributes. Such benefits work well in industries where high product volumes of reliable containers are important to quality assurance and return-on-investment, such as might apply to such industries involved in the making and marketing of carbonated beverages. Tied-in with the large volume capabilities and attributes of strength, durability, and malleability, are the attractive design elements of the formed bottles and containers.

Additional advantages of stretch blow molding include minimal restrictions on bottle design. The process can work well for cylindrical, oval, and even rectangular bottles. As well, preforms can be used, which can be an important factor to reduce manufacturing costs of the bottles. (It also allows for the involvement of a third party to complete the stretch blow molding process.) This can be beneficial to cost and time concerns involved in getting the product to market.

Stretch blow molding is one method of blow molding with significant benefits to the manufacturer. To learn more about this and other blow molding methods, contact PET All Manufacturing Inc., an industry leader in blow molding machinery and manufacturing processes. Contact 905-305-1797 or email

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