Sanitizer Bottle Making Machines Make Sanitizer Manufacturers Independent

hand sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more customers are looking to buy bottled hand sanitizers. Because of recommendations from health officials, people want to sanitize their hands when they are out and about. With a hand sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine, you will be better equipped to produce disinfectant and hand sanitizer bottles in just 10 to 12 weeks.

Remaining Independent

Many companies are increasing their production of injection blow mould machines. That is because there has been a 400 percent surge in the need for disinfectant and hand sanitizer bottles. Many companies in the sector are working overtime to meet the high demand from customers amid the uncertain times brought by the coronavirus outbreak.

A sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine can make manufacturers more independent because it comes with remote troubleshooting technology. That way, the technical staff can provide remote support, no matter what time of day or night it is.

You will want to choose a company that offers equipment to cover the whole spectrum. A stretch blow moulding machine can make 2- to 32-ounce bottles out of PET. Plus, you can also find options to create your own preforms, making your company even more independent. On the other hand, injection blow moulding is for 2- to 16-ounce bottles.

Why Choose Injection Blowing?

With injection blow moulding, the machine will form the part in an enclosed mould. No scrap has to get trimmed off the container. This process lets the sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine create a thin container wall while having a thick treaded neck. That means that injection blow moulding is a great option when it comes to ensuring that there are safety enclosures.

With extrusion blow moulding, a company can make eight- to 128-ounce bottles with HDPE or PP. This process is good for making sprayers or sanitizing wipes. The process does not need to have preforms. Instead, a machine will convert PP or HDPE to bottles. The output can vary significantly like the machine size for any production requirement.

Choose the Best Supplier for Hand Sanitizer Bottle Manufacturing Machines

When it comes to staying independent during the coronavirus pandemic, having the right sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine can help. Pet All Manufacturing Inc. has all of the machines and tools that you need. We also offer technical service options. Keeping you and our technicians safe is a top priority for us, so we will evaluate each request for in-person staff. However, we are still producing new moulds and machines, and we can answer any of your questions or offer you a free quote. Contact us today to learn more about how our machines can help make your manufacturing company more independent.

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