Safety Precautions for Extrusion Blow Molding

Extrusion Blow Molding

As with any process involving the use of machinery, safety is paramount. Extrusion blow molding is a perfect example. Using an extrusion blow molding machine, an operator must have extensive safety training. By following all the extrusion blow molding steps correctly, a manufacturer can produce a superior-quality product without any risk to the individual performing the work.

While you might use different machines as part of your manufacturing process, you will discover several distinct extrusion blow molding advantages. For instance, the extrusion process requires less pressure, and therefore, you can expect to pay less for making products using an extrusion blow molding machine. Not only is the extrusion machine itself comparably less expensive than others, but it can also manufacture large open-ended parts and components with precision.

Regarding safety, operators follow specific safety standards. Some of the most critical include:

  • Maintaining a work environment void of oil or grease
  • Never reaching under or over the machine guards
  • Never wearing anything that dangles, such as necklaces, braces, watches, rings, or loose clothing to prevent limbs from getting trapped or pulled into the machine
  • Never disconnecting or by-passing the guard’s safety switches
  • Using only quality materials specified for this blow molding process
  • Never climbing between the tie-bars during hydraulic pump operation
  • Always wearing protective gloves when adjusting manifolds or components on the hot die head
  • Never reaching into the machine’s throat during granulator operation
  • Knowing the location of the nearest fire extinguisher
  • Always wearing approved ear protection to block out noise
  • Never using steel tools on the parting line, mold cores, and cavities
  • Knowing the location of the nearest first-aid kit
  • Always wearing safety glasses and steel-toed boots
  • Never standing directly below a mold suspended in the air
  • Regularly examining electrical cords and air hoses
  • Using the proper safety equipment when lifting heavy workpiece material
  • Never operating an extrusion blow molding machine without authorization and appropriate training

Although there are many other safety precautions when working with this type of blow molding machine, you can see that an operator has a significant responsibility in his role.

Safety and Quality Come First

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