Role Of Plastic Bottles to Ensure a Fresh Product

Blow Molding Machine

Multi-layer plastic bottles and containers have become increasingly popular due to their ability to keep food and beverages fresh. These bottles have several layers of plastic that create a barrier layer. This ultra-thin barrier helps to maintain consistency and freshness.

Bottle blow molding machines are vital equipment for manufacturing these bottles. The machine causes the plastic to expand and take on the desired shape by blowing hot air into the bottle. Once the bottle has cooled, the machine fills it with the desired product. Multi-layer plastic containers keep food and drink fresher for longer.

The Barrier Layer

Multi-layer plastic containers have many benefits, but product quality depends on the barrier layer. The most common materials used for the barrier layer are EVOH or PET. The barrier layer must be present and consistent throughout the structure. Any imperfections can jeopardize the integrity of the product.

The barrier layer is also the most expensive to produce. Therefore, quality control is essential to avoid costly mistakes.

Non-Destructive Quality Control Methods

Non-destructive testing methods can measure the quality and consistency of a manufacturer’s packaging product without damaging the product. These methods include the Hall effect and manual layer peeling, which measure the thickness of a product’s barrier layer.

However, these methods have a limit in evaluating individual product layers and omitting the barrier layer, essential to product quality. There needs to be a better testing method to measure the thickness of packaging layers and evaluate the barrier layer. Aside from this, the process shouldn’t damage the product.

Terahertz Technology

The answer might come with Terahertz technology. Terahertz technology can measure plastic layer thickness non-invasively and non-destructively. This makes it a valuable tool for quality assurance in the production of multi-layer plastic products.
The use of terahertz technology can integrate into the process of bottle blow molding machines. The technology measures how long it takes for a terahertz radiation pulse to reflect off a material’s surface. One can calculate the thickness of each layer by knowing the pulse velocity and the time delay of the reflection.

Blow molding machines typically process two or more layers of plastic. It is crucial to ensure that each layer is of uniform thickness.

Manufacturers can use terahertz technology to measure the thicknesses of all the layers simultaneously, making it an invaluable tool. In addition, because it is non-invasive and non-destructive, one can use it on finished products without damaging them. This makes it ideal for checking the quality of products before shipment.

Choosing the best method for ensuring freshness in bottled products necessitates balancing effectiveness and long-term viability. You can increase the productivity and profitability of your blow molding operation by carefully examining these factors. Contact Pet All Manufacturing Inc. today for more information on blow molding equipment.

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