Reheat Stretch Blow Machines: Types, Capabilities, and Advantages

Companies in the plastics industry and those that require specialized plastic products will appreciate the capabilities concerning different types of reheat stretch blow machines and the capabilities and advantages of each.

Reheat Stretch Blow Machines

Blow molding (BrE molding) refers to a manufacturing process whereby hollow plastic parts are formed. Examples of blow molded plastic products in regular use include pop, juice, and water bottles – but the list of blow molded products doesn’t stop there. Other examples of smaller blow molded products consist of such things as liquid soap and shampoo bottles, whereas larger products include plastic tubs and drums. The applications and requirement for reheat stretch blow machines and the products they produce are extensive.

Included in the three main types of blow molding processes are Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM), Injection Blow Molding (IBM), and Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM). There are different advantages to each of the processes that meet different design and manufacturing criteria.

As well, there are different types of reheat stretch blow machines – a term that essentially refers to a machine that “reheats” and “stretches” a product into a desired shape and size, as demonstrated by the above examples of bottles and containers. The advantages of reheat stretch blow machines include:

  • High product volume outputs

  • Comparatively low capital investment

  • Best bottle design formations regarding carbonation retention and other favored properties

  • Desired capabilities between the injection and blow mold processes

There are three types of reheat stretch blow machines:

  1. Linear shuttle machines

  2. Linear machines with continuous preform motion

  3. Rotary machines

The linear versions basically have the oven and the blow section in a linear line. These types of machines are generally used for smaller outputs of product. The rotary versions utilize blow cavities on what is essentially a turntable roundabout. Ovens for the rotary versions might be in either a linear or rotary format. Each of the three types of reheat stretch blow machines offers different advantages, which are specific to the product being produced for a particular industry, the manufacturing measures, and cost.

Product design, volume requirements, and other manufacturing criteria all come into play for the production of plastic containers and other products being manufactured through reheat stretch blow machines.  Businesses that utilize these machines for product production seek product precision that adheres to consistent manufacturing standards and quotas. It is this manufacturing expertise that is a hallmark of Pet All Manufacturing.

Pet All Manufacturing Inc. has a full range of blow molding equipment of the highest quality that serves those industries requiring plastics bottle molding machines. The machines are strategically integrated at three North American facilities to provide clients with the best products and return-on-investment. Pet All Manufacturing serves the Americas and Europe and welcomes all inquiries.

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