Reducing the Weight of Plastic Bottles Without Compromising Quality

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Today, all kinds of things come in plastic bottles. That includes food items, hair products, beverages, and more. In particular, consumers purchase bottled water. Not only is it convenient, but compared to most tap water, it’s also safer to drink. To acquire bottles, different industries depend on stretch blow molding manufacturers.

As a manufacturer that accommodates the needs of these industries, you rely on a cutting-edge stretch blow molding machine. The demand for plastic bottles continues to increase. That means if you want to grow and expand your business, you need to get innovative. An excellent solution is to make your products more affordable but without compromising their integrity.

Get Fantastic Results with a PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

To start with, use the best equipment on the market. With a PET stretch blow molding machine, you have all the advanced features needed to produce stellar products. However, your company can manufacture thinner bottles that still perform optimally.

One way to accomplish that is by implementing the new “lightweighting” strategy in the stretch blow molding process. With lightweighting, you use less resin or recycled material. Either way, it reduces the weight of the bottles without compromising on functionality and quality.

The Trickle-Down Effect

When lightweighting becomes part of your PET stretch blow molding machine services, additional benefits follow. For example, this allows you to modify the configuration of your pack format to make it lighter. As a result, it’ll cost significantly less to get your products transported to the industries your company serves.

Here are some interesting facts about using the lightweighting strategy for stretch blow molding services. This can easily reduce the weight of plastic bottles by as much as 34 percent. At the same time, these bottles have improved top-load performance by roughly 32 percent. Depending on the size of your operation, this can potentially save your company millions of dollars each year.

Because light-weighting doesn’t require as much material, you can dramatically increase recyclability. That decreases your business’s carbon footprint. It also decreases the amount of energy a stretch blow molding machine utilizes, often by as much as 23 percent. Remember, a lot of customers prefer working with sustainable companies. So, this will set you apart from other manufacturers.

Light-weighting combined with a superior stretch blow molding machine will help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Also, reducing the amount of material required lessens the impact on landfills.

Along with lightweighting, you might consider the plasma coating technology. With this, PET films have protective layers applied. While this reduces the thickness to just 50 nanometers, it’s still easy to recycle these bottles.

Find the Right Equipment

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