Proven Ways to Purge an Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

extrusion blow molding machine

Even if your company purchased a top-of-the-line machine for blow molding, it’s essential to keep it clean and well maintained. Especially when producing a high volume of products, it doesn’t take long before a machine becomes contaminated. The key with an extrusion blow molding machine is to purge it, which ensures it keeps operating optimally and safely.

Unfortunately, once extrusion blow molding machinery becomes contaminated, the only solution is costly and relatively aggressive.

The other issue is you would need to shut down your production line once a machine becomes contaminated. Bringing your manufacturing business to a halt not only causes delays in getting customers their products but can also tarnish your company’s reputation.

Methods for Purging Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machines

To avoid manufacturing delays and added expenses, you want to purge your company’s extrusion blow molding machines before a carbon buildup causes contamination. On top of that, purging works even after contamination, which is a more involved process.

Eliminate Residue With a Purging Compound

You would use this particular method to purge extrusion blow molding machinery if buildup has already occurred. Always buy the best quality purging compound possible. Eliminating carbon residue can significantly shorten transitions.

Both the heads and accumulator are low areas as part of the machine’s design. That makes them incredibly difficult to clean. This is where a purging compound is beneficial. However, for efficiency, mechanical compounds need maximum pressure. For that reason, you’ll get better results with a chemical purging compound.

Always buy the compound from a trusted source, one with knowledge of the type of accumulator head blow molding machines your company uses. This is critical. If a compound contains the wrong chemicals, these can seriously damage the heads and screws. That would lead to even worse production issues.

Overall, the grade of the purging compound depends on the type of plastic used with the extrusion blow molding machine. Another factor is the processing temperature.

Preventative Purging

The best option is to use a purging compound to prevent carbon from building up in the first place. It’s fine to use this product for extrusion blow molding machinery. However, frequent use becomes time-consuming while cutting into the company’s profits.

So, taking preventative steps is always the best way to go. For this, you would still use a purging compound but only at regular intervals. That’ll prevent production downtime, lessen your scrap rate, and reduce the number of customer rejects.

The bottom line is not to wait until a buildup occurs. Instead, use a quality purging compound to avoid issues with accumulator head blow molding machinery.

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