The Impact of COVID 19 on the Demand for Stretch Blow Molding Machines

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When you look at all the different plastic bottles used for a broad range of products, you’ll quickly notice they come in different sizes and shapes. That even includes those used for hand sanitizer. To produce a plastic bottle that works but also attracts consumers’ attention, manufacturers use the stretch blow molding process. Continue reading

Increased Demand for Blow Molding Machines to Produce Sanitizers Bottles

sanitizer bottle-making machine

For many industries, including the medical and restaurant sector, hand sanitizer is commonly used. However, when the pandemic hit, demand increased dramatically. So many people wanted to buy this product that it wasn’t long before a shortage developed. To accommodate the growing need, some companies invested in a sanitizer bottle-making machine. Continue reading

All About Stretch Blow Molding in the PET Industry

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Today, many people ignore the PET industry, even though it surrounds many people each day. Plastic is useful for packaging medications, food, and drinks, among other products. Some have estimated that the industry will be worth billions of dollars soon. Beverages are some of the more common items that require plastic bottles, although oils, dressings, and syrups also use these bottles. The stretch blow molding industry also includes bottles that people drink from each day.

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The Effect of Melt and Mold Temperature in Plastic Molding Development

Injection Blow Molding Machinery

When you are doing plastic molding development, the right mold and melting temperature must ensure your part meets the requirements. By learning more about these aspects, you can learn how the two can work with the one you are doing molding development. That way, you can save money and create a better part each time. Of course, using the right plastic molding machine also goes a long way toward ensuring you get the right amount and reduce your energy usage.

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