Different Methods of the Blow Molding Process


bottle blow molding machine

Manufacturing companies use different blow molding processes to make parts and components for their customers and in-house applications. Using thermoplastic material, this process creates both shaped and hollow products. While some blow molding manufacturers focus solely on the injection or extrusion process, most perform both services.

Regardless of the bottle blow molding machine, both manufacturing processes involve plastic, either as a melted polymer or a preform. They also produce stellar finished products. However, it’s how the machines perform that makes them unique. Continue reading

Role of Blow Molding Machines in Manufacturing Bottles

blow molding

The number of products that come in plastic bottles is almost endless. Every day, millions upon millions of people use one or more of these products. These include water, shampoo, conditioner, peanut butter, car oil, and the list goes on. However, making plastic bottles wouldn’t be possible without blow molding machines.

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Proven Ways to Purge an Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

extrusion blow molding machine

Even if your company purchased a top-of-the-line machine for blow molding, it’s essential to keep it clean and well maintained. Especially when producing a high volume of products, it doesn’t take long before a machine becomes contaminated. The key with an extrusion blow molding machine is to purge it, which ensures it keeps operating optimally and safely.

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