Must-Knows About Stretch Blowing in the World of PET

Stretch blow molding machine

Although the PET industry is around people every day, they ignore it too often. Medicines, drinks, packaging, and other products all require plastics, and it is likely that in the next year or so, the industry will be worth more than $55 billion. But you might not know much about the process behind stretch blow molding.

How Do They Make Bottles?

It might seem like plastic is mundane, but the process that companies use to produce them can be complex. Stretch molding involves expanding a polymer such as polyethylene terephthalate with air pressure and shaping it to the right form.
Different types of plastics have different properties that can impact the steps in forming the bottles. The manufacturers have to have the right tools, such as PET stretch blow molding machines.

What to Know When Using a Stretch Blow Molding Machine

When it comes to designing your bottle, there are a few considerations. Think about the size and shape of the finished product. However, this is only the end goal of the process. In stretch blow molding, there are many small steps.

This means that you have to consider several factors before creating bottles for filling and putting on the supermarket shelves. For instance, if you want to have a transparent bottle, you need to find the right temperature for the materials and the equipment.

If you use too little or too much heat, then the resulting bottle might be pearlescent, which means it will have a white color to it. It may also have an uneven appearance or be hazy. You should also think about the stretch ratio of the material that you are working with. This is a vital part of making your container. This determines the potential diameter and length that you can reach. It also determines the length and diameter that will work the best together.

The stretch ratio of this material can also impact the bottle’s thickness and the amount of material you will need for each of the bottles to have the same amount of thickness throughout the container. That way, you will not have any weak areas.

Choosing the Right PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

The PET industry is all around you, each day. The industry is worth billions of dollars, and almost three-quarters of all products require stretch blow molding. As the industry grows, the prevalence of the stretch blowing method is becoming more important, as are PET stretch blow molding machines. Choosing the best manufacturer is important for maximizing the profits for your company. If you want to know more about stretch blowing, give Pet All Manufacturing Inc. a call today for more information.

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