Leveling up the Inspection of Bottles With Machine Vision

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Every day, people use products without giving the containers a second thought. That includes shampoo and conditioner, liquid laundry soap and softener, car oil, water, and sports drinks, and much more. They all have one thing in common. A plastic molding machine created the container, jar, bottle, or other vessels.

The process of manufacturing plastic products is quite interesting. It begins with an idea, which then becomes a prototype. That initial model allows designers and engineers to make appropriate changes if needed. If they identify a flaw or defect, they can remedy the problem before making thousands of bad products.

So, before even creating a plastic product using an injection blow molding machine, the manufacturer starts the process with a quality control check. Ultimately, that prevents production issues that would delay a customer getting their order filled, which could have a significant financial impact.

However, quality control assessments don’t stop with the prototype. Today, injection blow molding machine manufacturers supply high-tech solutions. That means even during the manufacturing process; unique systems carefully monitor everything that’s going on.

Introducing the Plastic Molding Machine Vision System

A machine vision system is suitable for use in conjunction with an injection blow molding machine. It looks for anything out of the ordinary associated with manufactured plastic products. Included are functional flaws, design defects, and even contaminants. This same vision system checks for a product’s completeness. As an example, it looks at plastic medical bottles to make sure the caps and seals align.

The top-rated injection blow molding machine manufacturers recommend a robust vision system as part of the overall package. Along with the benefits mentioned, this system also visually monitors the material itself. So, it’s an incredibly valuable asset to the manufacturing process.

Just like the plastic molding machine, the vision system is high-tech. It automatically performs statistical analysis of the plastic workpiece to spot anything wrong on the surface. However, it goes a step further. This same system classifies any defects it finds. That entails grouping them according to geometry, texture, and contrast.

A machine vision system with a large library of software tools enhances a product’s quality. Each of these tools performs various tasks as part of the inspection process. By capturing detailed images, a manufacturer that utilizes an injection blow molding machine can see every possible risk. As such, they can make changes easier, quicker, and with greater accuracy.

Achieving Perfection in a Finished Plastic Product

To satisfy your customers with the quality of products your company makes, start with equipment from one of the leading injection blow molding machine manufacturers. That’s where Pet All Manufacturing Inc., can help. With an impressive lineup of solutions and machine vision systems, there’s no need to worry about the integrity of the products made. Call us to get more information.

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