Interesting Facts about the Blow Molding Machine

blow molding machine

Whether you have extensive knowledge and experience using a blow molding machine or want to purchase one for your company’s projects, there are several facts that you may find interesting. As you go over the information, you will discover that the number of blow molding advantages is more than you may have imagined.

  • Machine Options – Not all machines used for blow molding are the same. For instance, there are extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding machines.Even when using the same type of machine, significant differences exist between manufacturers. Therefore, you need to research your options and, most importantly, choose a superior product. PET All machines are by far the best choice for creating outstanding quality plastic parts and components.
  • Key Advantages – You will enjoy several significant blow molding advantages. As an example, you will spend less time on the process for creating the mold. This machine also offers faster turnaround times and compared to other molding equipment; the tools are relatively inexpensive. Another advantage is that for high production runs consisting of different materials, this machine is unbeatable.
  • In-House Performance – While you can always outsource the work, with training and by following a blow molding processing guide, someone within your organization can learn how to run the machine for optimal performance. That means that an operator in your company can gain the knowledge needed to produce high-quality plastic parts and components for your specific needs.
  • Customization – Along with producing standard products, a machine used for blow molding can also create custom parts and components. Therefore, with the right machine, you can achieve both goals, even producing products with complex features. When used correctly, you can create exceptional plastic parts and components, whether used as part of your manufacturing process or for making your customer’s products.
  • Versatility – Today, blow-molded products are everywhere and are used to make medical devices, seats in sports arenas, and more.
  • Mold Size – If you want to save money in the long run, you might consider a bigger mold. While there are more upfront costs, ultimately, a larger mold results in a lower unit price.

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