Increased Demand for Blow Molding Machines to Produce Sanitizers Bottles

sanitizer bottle-making machine

For many industries, including the medical and restaurant sector, hand sanitizer is commonly used. However, when the pandemic hit, demand increased dramatically. So many people wanted to buy this product that it wasn’t long before a shortage developed. To accommodate the growing need, some companies invested in a sanitizer bottle-making machine.

The biggest problem was that manufacturers that produce plastic bottles couldn’t keep up. Not only did this impact the US and Canada but other countries around the world. In 2019, the market for hand sanitizer was around $1.2 billion. Experts predict that at the end of 2027, it’ll hit closer to $2.14 billion.

As imagined, machines used for sanitizer bottles were also hard to find, considering the demand for this product increased by 1,400 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when challenged, the top manufacturers of this equipment worked long, hard hours to ensure that companies had the plastic bottles they needed.

Continued Demand for a Sanitizer Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Here’s the interesting part, most people know that finding hand sanitizer in 2020 became quite difficult. However, as mentioned, that demand is only going to increase. In part, that’s because many people will still worry about COVID-19, as well as other possible pandemics. Also, they’ve learned just how effective this product is, and therefore, they want to keep using it regardless of the current situation.

There’s another reason why companies will buy a sanitizer bottle-making machine for their manufacturing operations. When visiting a hospital or restaurant, customers feel more comfortable when they see employees washing their hands and applying sanitizer. This gives them more peace of mind.

The same goes for consumers who visit different businesses. There’s something about walking into a grocery store or pet shop and having access to hand sanitizer. This has a psychological effect that puts people at ease. This is why manufacturers that produce machines used for sanitizer bottles anticipate working even harder to meet their customer’s demands.

What’s the Process for Making a Sanitizer Bottle Manufacturing Machine?

This is blow molding. It’s the same process used by manufacturers to produce water bottles, food jars, specimen containers, milk jugs, certain children’s toys, and more. It consists of a polymer material getting heated, molded, and then blown into the desired size and shape using compressed air.

With this process and the right sanitizer bottle-making machine, manufacturers can produce products to contain gel, foam, or liquid. This also allows them to offer different shapes and sizes. As a result, merchants can order bottles of different sizes according to the demand in their specific location.

Continued Demand for Machines Used for Sanitizer Bottles

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that affected so many people in 2020, it was nearly impossible to keep up with the demand for hand sanitizer. The challenge was finding an available sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine. Manufacturers everywhere scrambled to locate a reliable source for machines used for sanitizer bottles.

While demand for sanitizer jumped 1,400 percent last year, experts believe it’s only going to continue. Whether used by employees working for different industries or consumers, a $1.2 billion business will likely turn into a $2.4 billion business in just a few years.

To ensure that everyone has access to this product, companies that make the sanitizer bottle manufacturing machine will work hard. This machine, combined with the blow molding process, is what produces the plastic bottles used to hold sanitizer. For information about the equipment that we offer at Pet All Manufacturing Inc., give us a call.

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